Raaj karega Pappu…

India invented the Zero.
Then it re-invented it with Pappu.

Advisor: Every time you open your mouth, we lose 1000 votes.
Pappu: So what do I do now?
Advisor: No problem. You reached zero long back. There’s no negative voting, so lage raho Pappubhai!

The man who is writing Pappu’s speeches is killing him.
If he writes his own speeches then it’s a case of suicide.

In 2009, most constituencies Pappu visited voted for the Congress.
In 2014, most constituencies Pappu will visit will never vote for Congress ever again.

Pappu just gave his greatest speech ever on TV channels.
(Since there was no audio, no-one could quite find any fault with it)

Pappu has set the bar so low for himself that if he becomes PM, then his every little achievement will be celebrated with pomp.
Nice strategy!

Q: Pradhan Mantra kaisa ho?
A: Narendra Modi jaisa ho!
Q: Aur Pradhan Mantra kaisa na ho?
A: Pappu.

Diggy Raja’s foot partially eclipsed his mouth.
If Pappu becomes PM, eclipse will be total!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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