New Third Front formula…

1. Head of party with most number of seats will become Prime Minister.
Second and Third parties will get a Deputy Prime Minister each.
Head of other parties will get plum posts: Home Minister, Defence Minister, Foreign Minister etc….

2. All regional parties that participate will get a special package for their respective states.

3. Railway Minister will only announce projects only for participating states. Same will apply to all other ministries and projects.

4. All heads of participating parties will form a Special Panel which the CBI will report to.

5. Special efforts will be made to clip the wings of the Congress and BJP. Let them get a taste of their own medicine!

6. The rest of India can go to hell, so States which don’t participate, beware!

7. In case all of the above fails, then the grand power sharing formula will be unveiled.
Every year will see one Prime Minister and two Deputy Prime Ministers.
This will be decided by a draw of lots and so for 5 years we can have 5 PMs and 10 Dy PMs, thereby fulfilling the ambitions of the Top 15 political parties in India apart from the Congress and BJP!

Bonus: If all the non-Congress and non-BJP parties have the required numbers then we could even impose a permanent Emergency!


United we rule, divided the Congress or BJP rules.

United we can divide this nation.

Ho raha hai Third Front Nirmaan.

Make Third Front your First Choice.

Third Front Shining.

Too many cooks spoil the broth, but can you actually do without cooks?

India is actually a Third Class country and therefore deserves the Third Front.

One’s lonely, two’s company and three’s not a crowd.

© Sunil Rajguru

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