Karnataka freedom struggle…

BSY: Inquilaab zindabad! Gaddi is my birthright and I shall have it!

Sadanand Gowda: Delhi chalo!

Nitin Gadkari: Tum mujhe numbers do main tumhe BSY se azaadi doonga.


© Sunil Rajguru

One thought on “Karnataka freedom struggle…

  1. Sir, As you know, I’m a staunch suppertor of BJP because of its developmental agenda. We have elected you so that you can overcome hurdles from these anti-development groups and deliver development to us. The common public is facing power shortages. Yes, there are many adverse conditions that are causing it But, we want you to assure us 24-hour supply. Gujarat still gets good power supply. I hope to see Karnataka that way in power situation. If you can respond, that would be wonderful.Thanks,

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