How Adolf Hitler had a greater mandate to rule than Manmohan Singh…

Think it over…

In 2009, almost two-thirds of India did not vote for anyone at all either because they were ineligible or because they simply didn’t want to.

Out of those who voted, a whopping 71% Indians did NOT vote for the Congress.

Despite that the Congress got a near-dictatorial run for 5 years where their arrogance has reached unprecedented levels and virtually nobody has been held accountable for the myriad scams.

In contrast, Hitler’s party in 1933 got 44% votes in an election which saw a turnout of 71% of Germany.

A far greater fraction of Germans wanted Hitler to rule in 1933 than Congress in 2009.

On top of that Manmohan Singh has never ever won a seat in a gram panchayat, council, Assembly or general election in his entire life.

He lost the only Lok Sabha seat he tried for in New Delhi in 1999.

And yet he has been the undisputed Prime Minister of India for close to 10 years!

© Sunil Rajguru

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