All you need is 10 years…

(Recently Rahul Gandhi said something to the effect that just 10 years were needed to bring about a change in the country…)

Rahul: Give me 10 years and I will eradicate corruption.

Advani: That’s what I’m saying! We got just 5 years in power, we need just 5 more. Come on! Give it to me!

Yedyurappa: Advaniji, mere to mushkil se teen saal hi ho rahe hai aur aap mujhe jaane ke liye bol rahe ho!

Manmohan: Ye kya anarth ho raha hai! Year 5 tak corruption khatam tha! Years 5-10 main kaise bad raha hai?

Laloo: Accha ab samjha! Everything went wrong in years 10-15!

Nitish: LOL! Maine to paanch saal main hi kaya palat kiya hai!

CPM: Who is this Rahul Baba? He doesn’t know anything! You actually need 40 years! And we have just done 34! Just give us 6 more years!

People: Eh!!! Nehru got 17. Indira got 15. Manmohan is getting 10. Rajiv, Rao, Shastri together got much more than 10 years. What are you saying? You want to be PM for 10 years?

Congress spokesman: Err, are you saying that the term of Lok Sabha and assemblies should be 10 years instead of 5? Please tell fast, today 7 TV appearances!

India: Rahul Beta, call me India or Hindustan or Bharat or what you will, I have been around for thousands of years!

Rahul: Dil to bachcha hai ji!

© Sunil Rajguru

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