Advani versus Modi…

· To his fans Modi is an idea whose time has come.
To his detractors he is a 4-letter word.
To his detractors, Advani was around when someone said, “In the beginning was the word”.
To his fans… errr… does he have any left?

· Advani is History.
Modi’s 2014 impact is a Mystery.

· In cricket analogy, Narendra Modi is the captain and LK Advani is now the 12th man who thinks he’s the non-playing captain.

· If everyone does an Advani, then Narayan Murthy will be Infosys chief till 2035, Sonia will complete 40 years as Congress President and Sachin will play 300 Tests.

· At times I think that Robert Vadra has a greater chance of being Prime Minister than Narendra Modi.

· Advani spin #23…
I am just a 25-year-old sathiya gaya hua aadmi!

· There will be 3 major waves in 2014: Anti-Congress, Pro-Modi and Anti-Modi.
The sum of these 3 waves will decide the next government.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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