2010 Sify Columns

The year VVIP privacy was finally breached
WikiLeaks, Radia, Twitter… have changed the rules
29 December, 2010, Sify.com

The Year the Congress Party Lost its Mojo
Instead of becoming stronger, it became weaker in 2010.
25 December, 2010, Sify.com

The year Indian media lost its virginity
This has definitely been the annus horibilis for Indian media.
24 December, 2010, Sify.com

Congress versus BJP: Spot the difference
The two parties are like twins separated at birth…
21 December, 2010, Sify.com

But why are you surprised over the Radia Tapes?
Do you really think you can stop journalists from lobbying…
26 November, 2010, Sify.com

It’s still bouquets for Pak & brickbats for India
Nothing much has changed despite Obama’s visit
12 November, 2010, Sify.com

In defence of the Commonwealth Games
The games are good… the execution is bad…
August 12, 2010

Wanted: A Berlin Wall for India and Pakistan
Indo-Pak talks always go nowhere
July 23, 2010

The dream Indian football needs
How it will become more popular than cricket
June 11, 2010

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