Twitter-Facebook musings…

· They would like us to believe…
Online anonymous Modi trolls are more dangerous than the alarmingly increasing number offline politicians spewing venom.

· What Facebook says: What’s on your mind?
What Facebook is really saying: So what can you post that will get maximum number likes and comments and engage maximum number of users so that everyone can waste as much time as possible, a scenario that will greatly benefit me?

· If you don’t like their Tweets, unfollow.
If they abuse you, block.
If someone blocks you, good riddance.
Mera Tweet teda hai, par mera hai.

· Wrong analysis: There so much hate on Twitter.
Right analysis: There is so much hate in society and some of it has spilled into Twitter.

· If you follow a 1000 interesting people with Zero followers, you’ll have an extremely rich Twitter feed.
However, some computer algorithm would dismiss you as a fake.

· Cyberspace…
One person’s opinion may be another person’s abuse.
One cause’s crusader may be another cause’s troll.

· If you are fighting any cause noble or ignoble, the trolls will come only from the other side na?
When you pick your side, you pick your trolls too.

· BJP Online: 99% genuine supporters. 1% fake.
Congress online: 1% genuine supporters. 99% fake.
But why 99% focus on BJP’s 1%?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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