Yet more Diggy Raja musings…

· Diggy Raja quotes fuel Twitter/FB jokes, humour sites, spoofs, parodies, cartoons and of course serious news in mainstream media.

· A day will come when Diggy Raja will finally say something that actually makes sense and the whole nation will go into shock.

· Online Trolls are absolutely pathetic.
But more pathetic are the Offline Trolls who call themselves Congress spokespersons.

· Roger Hollis: Biggest real-life double agent?
Professor Snape: Biggest in fiction?
Diggy Raja: Our biggest double agent?
(Ref: His bizarre statements weaken Congress, help BJP/RSS)

· My name is ______ and I’m an idiot.
The amount of Congress spokespersons who can put their name in the above sentence is not funny.

· #‎Bhonku‬ is a profound hashtag.
What about the voice’s “master”?
What about the people who feed it regularly?
Why do people love hearing it?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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