The Delhi braveheart…

· She was Anamika.
We never knew her.
She never knew us.
She didn’t know the outrage there was in India.
We never knew what she really felt.

· Government’s Dabangg moment…
Terrorists, criminals, scamsters aur rapists se dar nahin lagta sahab, protestors se lagta hai.

· If she’s Damini, we’re Kala Badal.
If she’s Nirbhaya, we’re Bhaya, too scared to do anything, too scared to change, too scared to even elect the right people…

· They did no let her live in the country.
They did not let her die in the country.
Now they don’t even want us to protest.
Mera Bharat Mahaan nahin par Zaalim aur Bebas.

· Citizens: We want death for rapists.
Government: We want Section 144 for protestors.
Citizens: We want justice.
Government: We want peace.

· Once the Capital used to be on high alert and barricaded for terrorists only.
Now it’s the same for the common citizens.
And we call this democracy.

· Contradiction of the year…
Protest Nirbhaya/Amanat/Damini/Anamika and then watch Dabangg 2, a movie where the hero it is alleged beats up all his girlfriends, the heroine plays nothing but a demure doormat and Bollywood’s No.1 heroine croons to: Main to tandoori murgi hoon yaar, Gatkale saiyyan alcohol se…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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