The Anna Hazarical group of companies…

Social activist Anna Hazare has spawned a group of services all across India and is doing a lot of things for a lot of people…

Anna Political Opposition Services
Have you been a poor Opposition and been unable to stand up to the Government of the day? Have you been ineffective and invisible for too many years? Then never fear! Anna will do your dirty work for you!
Clients: BJP and other Opposition parties.

Anna Legislative Consultancy Services
Have your bill drafts been weak and unable to gain wide acceptance of the masses? Have you been unable to pass a particular bill for four odd decades? Well then, Anna will help you on your way!
Client: Congress and Lok Sabha. (Unwillingly)

Anna TV Programming Services

Tired of showing the same ole shit related to Bollywood, cricket and other mundane happenings of India? Anna will provide you with enough TV content to last 25 hours comfortably, if ever the day was to be extended.
Clients: All Indian TV news channels.

Anna Image Management Services
Do you want to be political stars without being politicians? Simply join our team!
Clients: Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Kumar Vishwas…

Anna Alcoholics Anonymous
Do you want to give up your drinking habit for good? Well, step this way please! We will flog you within an inch of your life and you will be too scared to look at a single peg in your entire life!
Clients: The anonymous alcoholics of Ralegaon Siddhi.

Anna Recruitment Agency
Have you been unable to hire an effective Lokayukta for your states? Are all your prospective candidates jinxed? Don’t worry: Team Anna will give you a workable list and push hard in the public domain.
Client: Karnataka Lokayukta (trial in progress).

Anna International Services
Coming Soon.

Anna Catering Services
Disclaimer: Please simply go on a fast!

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2 thoughts on “The Anna Hazarical group of companies…

  1. Here comes your first comment and it says, “Please shut the fuck up”. Here are the reasons which are fourfold at this moment -
    1.) As an intellectual, like you think you are and more importantly the ones who choose to write, like you clearly do, one owes to himself and to his target audience, to actually think things out before praising it and/or criticizing it. You don’t.
    2.) There is a difference between a man and an idea. If the idea is good the man should get credit, no matter how poor his execution of it may have been. Here is one man Anna Hazare( “AH”) who came up at his time of life to stake everything in an effort to eradicate corruption. All he gets is some slurs from fashionable non-confirmists such as yourself who make a whole lot of corporate jokes about something they just cannot appreciate.
    3.)I see no posts against a scam-ridden government from the likes of you, BUT you are the first ones to speak in your water cooler moments about how silly and selfish AH’s movements are.
    4.) Your language and knowledge is below par. But then so is mine when I say, what the Fuck!

  2. 1. I have been a big Anna supporter. I don’t know where that came from.
    2. At least I don’t abuse people anonymously.

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