How politicians make it large…

Cong to BJP: Tera riot coverage mera riot coverage se bada kaise?
BJP to Cong: Tera scam mera scam se bada kaise?

BSP to SP: Tera goondagardi mera goondagardi se bada kaise?
SP to BSP: Tera megalomania mera megalomania se bada kaise?

DMK to ADMK: Tera dictatorship mera dictatorship se bada kaise?
ADMK to DMK: Tere freebies mere freebies se bade kaise?

JD(S) to KJP: Tera BJP hate mera BJP hate se bada kaise?
KJP to JD(S): Tera irrelevance mera irrelevance se bada kaise?

RJD to JD(U): Tera caste equation, mera caste equation se bada kaise?
JD(U) to RJD: Tera secularism mera secularism se bada kaise?

TDP to YSR Cong: Tera baap ka legacy mere sasur ka legacy se bada kaise?
YSR Cong to TDP: Tu kaun hai be?

Guj Cong to Guj BJP: Tera har cheez mera har cheez se bada kaise?
Guj BJP to Guj Cong: Tu kaun hai be?

J&KNC to Cong: Tera dynasty mera dynasty se bada kaise?
Cong to J&KNC: Tera Kashmir goof-up mera Kashmir goof-up se bada kaise?

BJD to Orissa Cong: Tera Oriya mera Oriya se bada kaise?
Orissa Cong to BJD: Tera Oriya votebank mera Oriya votebank se bada kaise?

SS to NCP: Tera Marathi votebank mera Marathi votebank se bada kaise?
NCP to SS: Tera (negative) publicity mera (negative) publicity se bada kaise?

CPM to TMC: Tera rule mere rule se bada Left-leaning kaise?
TMC to CPM: Maoists! Section 66A! Off with their heads!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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