Answer paper for Indian SPSC (Scam the Public Services Commission)…

Q1: Please give an example of one scam in the following ministries…

Finance Ministry: Harshad Mehta Scam.
Defence Ministry: Bofors
Power Ministry: Enron.
Sports Ministry: Commonwealth Scam.
Foreign Ministry: Oil for Food Scam.
Telecom Ministry: 2G.
IT Ministry: Satyam.
Industries Ministry: Cement Scam.
Civil Aviation Ministry: DIAL Scam.
Coal Ministry: Coalgate.
Mining Ministry: Madhu Koda Scam.
Agriculture Ministry: Palmolein Scam.
Road Transport and Highways Ministry: Highway Scam.
Tourism Ministry: Taj Corridor Scam.
Parliamentary Affairs Ministry: Cash-for-votes Scandal.
Health Ministry: UP NRHM Scam.
Shipping Ministry: Belekeri Port Scam.
Atomic Energy Ministry. Thorium Scam.
Space Ministry: ISRO S-Band Scam.
Minority Affairs Ministry: Wakf Land Scam.

Q2: Please give an example of one scam in the following States…

Andhra Pradesh: EMMAR Scam.
Arunachal Pradesh: PDS Scam.
Assam: Education Scam.
Bihar: Fodder Scam.
Goa: SEZ Scam.
Gujarat: Sugarcane Scam.
Haryana: Forest Scam.
Himachal Pradesh: Pulse Scam.
J&K: Recruitment Scam.
Jharkhand: MGNREGA Scam.
Karnataka: Bellary Mining Scam.
Kerala: Sex Parlour Scandal.
Madhya Pradesh: MGNREGA Scam.
Maharashtra: Irrigation Scam.
Meghalaya: Forest Scam.
Odisha:Paddy Scam.
Punjab: Paddy Scam.
Rajasthan:Vasundhara Raje Land Scam.
Tamil Nadu: Granite Scam.
Uttar Pradesh: Stamp Duty Scam.
Uttarakhand: Land Scam.
West Bengal: Purulia Arms Drop.

Q3: Please give an example of one scam associated with the following countries…

Canada: SNC-Lavalin.
Czech Republic: Tatra.
France: Scorpene.
Germany: HDW.
Iraq: Oil for Food.
Italy: Finmeccanica.
Japan: Maruti 1970s Scam.
Latvia: Purulia Arms Drop.
Malaysia: Palmolein Scam.
Singapore: Kuo Oil.
South Africa: Cricket match-fixing.
Sweden: Bofors.
United Kingdom: Jeep Scam.
United States: Enron.
West Indies: St Kitts Forgery.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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