Congress-BJP musings…

Chargesheeted/convicted politicians…
Sonia, Pappu, Jaya, Raja, YSR, Kejri, TMC leaders, Laloo…
Non-chargesheeted politicians…
Sushma & Vasundhara.
Guess who’s agitating against who!

So much “real” real estate and no action taken.
But a little “virtual” real estate on Facebook leads to high action through Privilege Motion.

Vadra will be arrested within 3 months of Modi taking charge.
Privilege Motion against Vadra 14 months after Modi taking charge.

Congress to BJP…
For every scam you do, we will do 10, but you’ll get 10 times the media coverage.

In The Accidental Prime Minister film Manmohan will have no dialogues, but sub-titles will appear displaying his thoughts every time he comes on the screen.

Sonia: Hamaara ek MP unke dus ke barabar.
Congress MPs: Yeah! We’re 440 MPs! We’re in majority. Naacho, koodo, bhaago!

No action against Sonia.
No action against any Congress leader.
No action even against Vadra.
Every inaction will get an equal and opposite action in Parliament.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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