When Rahul baba finally came back…

Q: What is your strategy?
Sonia: Chalo Pappu beta, summer vacation khatam. Uncle ko strategy ka spelling batao!

A latest survey says that 67% people feel that Pappu can revive the Congress while its 76% for Pappini and 101% for the mother.
(100% secretly admit that the Congress cannot be revived)

When Ram returned, it was celebrated as Diwali every year.
Since Pappu has returned on April 16, Congress can celebrate it as Diwaliya Day every year.

Theme songs.
Pro-Pappu camp…
Aayega, aayega, aanewala aayega…
Anti-Pappu camp…
Oh jaane waale, laut ke fir na aane waale…

Sign outside Pappu’s office…
If he’s In then he’s as good as being Out.
If he’s Out then nobody knows when he’ll be In again.

For Congress…
Chappan din ki chaandni, fir andheri raat hai.

BJP—Acche din aane waale hai!
Congress—Pappu din aane waale hai!
(Always waiting for his return)

A stands for absent.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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