How to manufacture news…

When you have Zero stories about a particular topic, then you can still manufacture 4 stories out of that 0.

Mathematical principle…
1 + 1 – 1 – 1 = 0.

News manufacturing principle…
1. Modi to visit Ayodhya, angers minorities.
+1. Modi not to visit Ayodhya, angers Hindus.
-1. Why did Modi skip his Ayodhya visit?
-1. Was Modi not to have visited Ayodhya in the first place?
= 0
Bonus: Special panel discussion on the whole Modi-Ayodhya fiasco.

Interestingly, this formula was soon repeated again…
1. Modi flies out 15,000 from Uttarakhand.
+1. Modi’s 15,000 claim total rubbish.
-1. Actually, Modi did some good work in Uttarakhand.
-1. What was the 15,000 source in the first place?
= 0
Bonus: All-out war on Twitter.

(Original blog: June 19)

© Sunil Rajguru

3 thoughts on “How to manufacture news…

  1. Dear Sunil
    Read your article on your admiration for Mr Modi.
    Honestly, it was more of a personal prospective than being informative for the readers.
    I have read your writings in the past but this one didnt fit the bill…
    The comparisons given by you w.r.t. Mr Modi does not sound right. Infact, those personalities cannot be compared to each other as they held different ideologies.
    As far as, Mr. Modi is concerned, he is more of a star than a politician.
    Kindly, provide similar sort of articles as you have delivered in the past which people can aspire from and discuss over a cup of coffee with their friends.

  2. Good article on how media manipulates d news to increase thete TRP or due 2 their political madtets. Keep it up

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