Facebook Group Indian Politicians: Status Updates

Manmohan is Busy trying to juggle his new ministry
–>341 people Like this Status

Rajnath has just deleted the Group Majboot Neta. Nirnayak Sarkar

Mayawati took the Which Indian Political Character Are You Quiz
And the Answer is: Future Prime Minister
–>Nobody Likes this Status

HD Kumaraswamy has just changed his profile picture
Ananth Kumar–>Why have you put the photo of a handkerchief?

Karunanidhi is feeling sad that the Tiger has become extinct in Sri Lanka
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Amar Singh–>Sonia Gandhi
Soniaji can you please please call me? Mulayam is on my case.
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Laloo clicked the “Remove Friend” button on Sonia’s profile by mistake, since then, he has become Friends with her again

Shashi Tharoor sent Mani Shankar Aiyar an invitation using Political Trivia:
I challenge you to a game of Political Trivia! I just scored 20,800 points in the game.
Think you can beat me?
P.S. I’m an MP and you’re not!

Advani has deleted his Facebook account

Sonia finally saw the movie Singh Is King and feels that Manmohan has more charisma than Akshay any day
Manmohan–>Thank you Soniaji!

HD Deve Gowda is off to Delhi to thank Sonia for meeting his son HD Kumaraswamy

Mulayam tried to join the Group UPA, but was denied access

Raj Thackeray has been watching Sarkar and Sarkar Raj back to back all day

Rahul Gandhi has launched the Group Let’s All Save Uttar Pradesh

Mayawati became the 110,223rd person to join the Group “Kaun Banega Pradhan Mantri?”

Vajpayee became a fan of Manmohan Singh

Sonia Gandhi blocked the “Add Friends” application

Nitish gifted Laloo a “I Love Bihar” sticker

Mallika Sarabhai just posted the link:
We, The Murderers
Does Gujarat have the resources to come to terms with its moral responsibility?


Narendra Modi launched Gujarat’s 3444th development scheme

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and Prakash Karat are no longer friends

Varun Gandhi’s fan club has reached 1 million members

Priyanka is humming the songs Jai Ho! and Singh is King

Captain Gopinath just posted a job ad
Vijay Mallya–>:)

Sharad Pawar and Vijay Mallya are now friends via the People You May Know tool

Shashi Tharoor skipped his ex-UN Under Secretary’s Summit

Rahul Gandhi requests his Cambridge classmate to please remove the party pictures of his photo album now that he has become a very respectable politician

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