The myth of “The Left” and “The Right”…

There is no “The Left” and “The Right”.
There is only “The Centre” and “The Fringe”…
The Centre…
1. Democracy.
2. Equal Rights.
3. Universal Laws.
4. Separation of the Church and State.
5. Capitalism.
The Fringe…
1. Communism.
2. Religious States.
3. Civil/military dictatorships.
4. Pseudo(Seculars-Intellectuals-Liberals).
5. Monarchies, pseudo monarchies like Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty.

3 thoughts on “The myth of “The Left” and “The Right”…

  1. Dear Mr Raj!
    I do very much appreciate your column.It is same as I myself think as far as India and Pakistan and China is concerned.We have to solve it on our own.No need to consider so called”international community”.Thats is only EU and Americans.Forget the EU. America is on our side and we can have it in our favour totally if we play our cards correctly.We are a power.Not needing any certificate from EU which would say that from a day in future we shall be given “The Superpower Status”.No. We are a power now. and we should behave like one.Starting first in our backyard.Finish off Pakistan.Its all indian.Bangladesh and Sri Lanka also indian.AKHAND BHARAT is from the borders with Afghanistan to the borders of Thailand.Think of it what we have been forced to part with by the british colonisors.if Pak has any complaint,let it knock on the doors of its crerators—The British Labour Party,”Pakistan is on the verge of break up already and I ask myself if India is ready to deal with it when it happens.It can be done —to finish off Pak in one strike.I know how?in my mind.ofcourse with detailed planning.
    Mr Raj ,I am no journalist but want to start a blog too. Can you help me in that.How to start?what can be written and what not?


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