Obama goes out with a stink…

2016—The year when the US President was trying to embrace Communism and the Russian President was trying to push Capitalism.

Obama thinks he’s destroying Trump with his late blitzkrieg.
But he’s destroying the Democrats and going out as a graceless fool.

If a lame duck runs too fast, its bad leg will not get better, but its good leg will go too.

8 years of Obama have left the Democrats at their weakest since 1828 and the Republicans at their strongest since 1854.
But Obama’s a great guy!

2010s: The decade everything liberals did backfired.
#Modi #Brexit #Trump
Now Obama banging the final nail in the coffin with his lame duck hyperactivity.

Obama has less than 4 weeks to sabotage Trump’s Presidency.
But Trump has 4 years to totally undo Obama’s legacy.

Obama is attacking America’s friends and strengthening America’s enemies in a desperate attempt to defeat Trump 2017 and beyond.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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