Musings about America…

flag-75047_640Religious intolerance in India would’ve shocked Mahatma Gandhi.
Racial intolerance in US would have shocked Martin Luther King.

Obama made snide remarks about Indian intolerance.
US religious committees tried to butt in.
They should look into their own backyard.

18th century—Independent.
19th century—Ended slavery.
20th century—Ended segregation.
21st century—Still fighting for racial equality.

Thatcher first woman head of State of West in 1979.
UK repeating with Theresa in 2016, while US still struggling with a first.

UK got its first man PM in 1721.
It got a woman PM 258 years later.
US got its first man President in 1789.
1789 + 258 = 2047.
If Hillary misses the bus, then US could break UK’s record.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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