July to December 2011 Cricket Columns

Does another whitewash loom on the horizon?
Indians Melbourne crash doesn’t augur well
30 December, 2011, Sify.com

The year of slaying cricketing Goliaths
2011 wasn’t good news if you were a champion
21 December, 2011, Sify.com

Open letter to the ICC regarding the Sehwag menace
From the Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Bowlers
09 December, 2011, Sify.com

A tribute to Indian cricket’s ailing Prince
Here’s hoping that Yuvraj Singh is back soon
28 November, 2011, Sify.com

World cricket is swinging like a pendulum
Get thrashed in one series and thrash in another
27 November, 2011, Sify.com

World champions of entertainment!
The Aussies still give us great Tests
22 November, 2011, Sify.com

Kambli’s fixing allegations – Pure rubbish!
A look at why what he says makes no sense
18 November, 2011, Sify.com

Good ole days are here again…
with our 2-0 lead with the Windies
17 November, 2011, Sify.com

A great Test for us, but a disaster for the ICC
The Aus-SA Newlands Test was over in 2 odd days…
11 November, 2011, Sify.com

India’s new spin twins
Pragyan Ojha and R Ashwin are a threat to Bhajji
09 November, 2011, Sify.com

The A to Z of Controversial Cricketers
The number of players involved is astonishing…
04 November, 2011, Sify.com

Is Dhoni the world’s greatest finisher?
How he compares with the likes of Bevan…
27 October, 2011, Sify.com

Overconfident England meet their Waterloo in India
Their tough journey has just begun
21 October, 2011, Sify.com

Is Shoaib sensational or mundane?
And other snippets from Indian cricket
07 October, 2011, Sify.com

10 change-makers: From Pataudi to Dhoni
Indian cricket has a lot to thank them for
26 September, 2011, Sify.com

Rahul Dravid passed the ODI test too
The highs of the Wall in the 50-over format
16 September, 2011, Sify.com

The Revival Man of Indian cricket
Dhoni may still lead a Test resurgence
16 September, 2011, Sify.com

All Star XI vs All Fit XI
The BCCI always squeezes the Indian lemon dry
13 September, 2011, Sify.com

India goes totally bust after eight long years
What needs to be done is of paramount importance
14 August, 2011, Sify.com

An era ends for India’s greatest overseas Test player
Rahul Dravid held a rare record for 15 years
05 August, 2011, Sify.com

India vs England: What went wrong
It’s rare for India to trail 0-2 in Tests
02 August, 2011, Sify.com

England’s gifts to the game of cricket
More than 300 years of innovation…
15 July, 2011, Sify.com

India’s biggest test after the World Cup
But we have the momentum in the England series
15 July, 2011, Sify.com

The good, the bad and the ugly in West Indies
Is the glass half full or half empty?
12 July, 2011, Sify.com

Another one bites the dust!
India and its off-field battles
01 July, 2011, Sify.com

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