2011 Columns

12 misses of 2011
Lokpal, Mahashatak, Economy, FDI…
31 December, 2011, Sify.com

2011: The Year of the Common Person
People on the streets and cyberspace made the difference
28 December, 2011, Sify.com

Has Google been a one-trick wonder?
King in Search, pauper in everything else
26 December, 2011, Sify.com

2011: A scary year for media and social media
Leaders, politicians… they all hated the press
22 December, 2011, Sify.com

2011: India’s year of confrontation
Everyone seemed to be taking on someone else
20 December, 2011, Sify.com

The A to Z of tainted politicians
Indian leaders are totally into scams
19 December, 2011, Sify.com

7 reasons why general elections could take place in 2012
The Congress is well capable of toppling itself…
16 December, 2011, Sify.com

10 things that took a real beating in 2011…
Al-Qaeda, N-power, Einstein, Euro…
13 December, 2011, Sify.com

An Open Letter to Kapil Sibal
The IT Minister should understand the Net better
07 December, 2011, Sify.com

The Indian Not So Nobel Prizes of 2011…
The worst of the worst of the year
06 December, 2011, Sify.com

2011: The Year of The Obituary
There just have been to many celebrity deaths this year
04 December, 2011, Sify.com

Maybe it’s us and not the UPA that has changed!
The Congress on their part have been consistent
29 November, 2011, Sify.com

The A to Z of violent protests in India
We are a country increasingly on the edge
29 November, 2011, Sify.com

10 reasons why the Indian media is like that only…
Justice Katju was not very off the mark with his criticism
25 November, 2011, Sify.com

Only the Congress can defeat the Congress
The Government is scoring an own goal for 2014
18 November, 2011, Sify.com

An Open Letter to Shahrukh Khan
Despite Ra.One’s mediocrity…
8 November, 2011, Sify.com

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger
Will China do a Kargil on India?
2 November, 2011, Sify.com

The Rotten Side of Apple
Elitist, Selfish, Anti-India, labour woes…
25 October, 2011, Sify.com

Prashant Bhushan: The man everyone loves to hate
His activism has affected quite a few Indians
18 October, 2011, Sify.com

What’s your problem, Digvijay Singh?
The man who always shoots off his mouth
14 October, 2011, Sify.com

How to post a Facebook status and attack an activist
The hitting of Prashant Bhushan got many Likes
12 October, 2011, Sify.com

5 sportsmen for the Bharat Ratna
Dhyan Chand is the first among equals
11 October, 2011, Sify.com

The Importance of being Subramanian Swamy
The most under-rated politician in India
10 October, 2011, Sify.com

Einstein, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
Jobs touched our lives in many ways
06 October, 2011, Sify.com

Dear pilot, your wing is falling off!
And other horror tales of flying in India
30 September, 2011, Sify.com

You’re never too old to be Indian Prime Minister
Advani still aspires for the top job
23 September, 2011, Sify.com

Why Modi can still be PM one day
A lot has already changed in 2011
18 September, 2011, Sify.com

Us vs Them: Where Anna scored heavily
Politicians and the people live in different worlds
7 September, 2011, Sify.com

Why any kind of Lokpal is necessary
Anna critics should give us a credible alternative
4 September, 2011, Sify.com

1947 to now: India’s long road to empowerment
It really began in 1974 and Anna is merely the latest
2 September, 2011, Sify.com

The Anna revolution: Victory or defeat?
And is this the beginning of something bigger?
29 August, 2011, Sify.com

7 ways to end corruption in India…
No half-measures will get us out of this mess
22 August, 2011, Sify.com

Viva Anna! Long live the revolution!
The Indian War on Corruption finally begins
18 August, 2011, Sify.com

An Open Letter to the Congress Party…
…regarding the whole Anna Hazare issue…
16 August, 2011, Sify.com

The A to Z of Indian sporting controversies
A for Awards, B for Badminton, C for…
31 July, 2011, Sify.com

The A to Z of Scam India
A for Adarsh, B for Bofors, C for…
06 July, 2011, Sify.com

Will Nadal overshadow Federer by 2015?
He still has time to catch up and overtake…
04 July, 2011, Sify.com

The A to Z of the Lokpal “nautanki“…
A for Anna, B for Baba, C for Corruption, D for Diggy…
16 June, 2011, Sify.com

LSD to Pak: How to make monsters and slay them
No-one masters doublespeak like the Americans
10 June, 2011, Sify.com

Will 2011 ruin 2014 for Congress?
High on hubris, there’s arrogance all round
8 June, 2011, Sify.com

The A to Z of international terrorism
A for Al-Qaeda, B for Bilal Town, C for CIA, D for…
20 May, 2011, Sify.com

Congress CMs, On the Endangered Species List
The grand old party shrinks at the state level
16 May, 2011, Sify.com

Mamata, can you take on Naxalism?
A problem as old as Independent India
13 May, 2011, Sify.com

Is the Osama killing a success or a failure?
Coming 10 years late is not exactly par for the US
10 May, 2011, Sify.com

Osama’s death: Good timing, co-incidence or conspiracy?
Why all the flurry of activity 10-15 days before?
2 May, 2011, Sify.com

India’s long fight against corruption
Is it nothing but a futile war?
30 April, 2011, Sify.com

America’s problem with democracy…and India
Great on the inside, but…
20 April, 2011, Sify.com

Change begins in Maharashtra
Anna Hazare is the latest hero from this great state
15 April, 2011, Sify.com

Tatas vs A Raja: India’s corruption gap
India’s Corruption Class rules the roost
13 April, 2011, Sify.com

Do we Indians actually want corruption?
Millions are OK with the black market economy
25 March, 2011, Sify.com

Will you allow a nuclear plant in your backyard?
India and the nuclear power boom
14 March, 2011, Sify.com

Is world leadership at its worst today?
It’s not just the Arab world…
24 February, 2011, Sify.com

Revolution in Egypt? Not again!
A look at the country’s 3rd in a century…
18 February, 2011, Sify.com

The A to Z of the 2G scam…
All you wanted to know about India’s biggest scandal
03 January, 2011, Sify.com

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