Similarities between Indira and Sonia Gandhi…

When she came, Congress workers tried to popularize the following jingle…
Sonia nahi ye aandhi hai,
Doosri Indira Gandhi hai!

That to some extent is true…

Both asked the mainstream media to bend and instead they crawled.

One did Emergency and the other did e-mergency (Section 66A).

Both pushed their Pappu sons real hard (Sanjay and Rahul respectively).

Indira ruled the Congress for 18 years. Sonia will complete 18 years in 2016 when she will probably retire and hand over the reins to her Pappu.

Indira crashed her party to its lowest ever performance in 1977—153 seats.
Sonia crashed her party to its lowest ever performance in 1999—114 seats.
(Sonia broke the record again in 2014—44 seats).

Only sycophants ruled in both the courts of Indira and Sonia.

Years in the wilderness hardened both of them.

But in terms of concrete development in the end…
Sonia hai aur Gandhi hai,
Par chai ke pyaale main aandhi hai.

© Sunil Rajguru

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