Real, not faking news…

Dead AAP activist becomes alive.

Don to be Interpol ambassador. (SRK)

Alia Bhatt uses her stupidity to do something really smart.

Millions of people (including celebrities) world over start pouring cold water on themselves.

US, Israel, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia… think of getting together. (To counter ISIS)

Advani finally retired.

India beat England by 133 runs in England.

Suresh Raina hits blistering century outside the sub-continent.

Putin accused of shooting down neutral civilian passenger plane.

Imran Khan attempts civilian coup against Nawaz Sharif.

On many days, Kejriwal gets zero news coverage.

Germany beats Brazil 8-1 in Brazil in a World Cup.

NDTV indirectly supports Israel. (Hamas story)

Israel attacks Gaza, Arab world least bothered.

Australia post 300 in ODIs, still lose, third time in a year.

Sheila Dixit toppled both as Chief Minister and Governor within a year.

Would have been considered faking news before elections…

BJP gets 282 Lok Sabha seats.

Amit Shah to become BJP President.

© Sunil Rajguru

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