January to June 2011 Cricket Columns

The game changes yet again…
A look at the ICC’s latest round of changes
29 June, 2011, Sify.com

Old and battered, but still the Wall
Dravid hits his first overseas century in 5 years
24 June, 2011, Sify.com

Windies tour brimming with long-term benefits
The future leadership of India looks good
17 June, 2011, Sify.com

Fatigue, injuries and Team India
6 of 11 champions opting out is unprecedented
30May, 2011, Sify.com

Everyone’s happy, everyone’s complaining
…and other IPL snippets…
30 May, 2011, Sify.com

Twitter breaks IPL careers, blogging makes them
…and other IPL snippets…
27 May, 2011, Sify.com

Cometh the hour, cometh the man
…and other IPL snippets…
14 May, 2011, Sify.com

Gabriella Pasqualotto, India’s most famous cheerleader
…and other IPL snippets…
12 May, 2011, Sify.com

Warnie as India coach one day?
…and other IPL snippets…
7 May, 2011, Sify.com

Lankan Premier League: Bring on the competition!
…and other IPL snippets…
6 May, 2011, Sify.com

The Dada of all comebacks
…and other IPL snippets…
3 May, 2011, Sify.com

Test cricketers, not Tests, are dying
…and other IPL snippets…
25 April, 2011, Sify.com

The controversies are back!
…and other IPL snippets…
22 April, 2011, Sify.com

Revenge of the dumped…
…and other IPL snippets…
18 April, 2011, Sify.com

Wanted: A triple century in ODIs
…and other IPL snippets…
14 April, 2011, Sify.com

A kick works more than a hug
…and other IPL snippets…
11 April, 2011, Sify.com

Indian cricket’s Videshi Trimurti
The Wright-Chappell-Kirsten saga
10 April, 2011, Sify.com

The dark side of the World Cup
India’s victory has hidden a lot of issues
7 April, 2011, Sify.com

Sreesanth’s luckier than Sachin!
…and other world cup snippets
5 April, 2011, Sify.com

The Rise of the Third Reich
India can be the Third Great Team
5 April, 2011, Sify.com

It’s time for the Indian hammer to strike
Now or never for Indian cricket
1 April, 2011, Sify.com

Mental disintegration, Indo-Pak style
It’s all about pressure here
1 April, 2011, Sify.com

The record streak breakers
High time giant-killers India became giants
25 March, 2011, Sify.com

World cricket’s crisis at the bottom
West Indies and the others have lost their fight
24 March, 2011, Sify.com

Let the quarter-final lottery begin!
Why have the leagues in the first place?
21 March, 2011, Sify.com

England’s Book of Thrillers: One win, four fates
…and other World Cup snippets…
18 March, 2011, Sify.com

Powerless in Powerplay, clueless in UDRS
…and other World Cup snippets…
14 March, 2011, Sify.com

The two certainties of cricket
…and other World Cup snippets…
10 March, 2011, Sify.com

Logically, they just shouldn’t have won
The day of the underdog
8 March, 2011, Sify.com
When the umpire can play god
…and other world cup snippets…
7 March, 2011, Sify.com

The minnows strike back
…and other world cup snippets…
4 March, 2011, Sify.com

The strange case of Shanthakumaran Sreesanth
The world’s most schizophrenic cricketer
2 March, 2011, Sify.com

One good collapse deserves another
The India-England WC tie…
28 February, 2011, Sify.com

Why Shahrukh picked ten Doeschate
The greatest “upcoming” all-rounder…
24 February, 2011, Sify.com

Warm-up for a warm-up stage?
…and other World Cup snippets…
19 February, 2011, Sify.com

The day of the underdog
It all began in 1983…
18 February, 2011, Sify.com

Unique World Cup battle: India versus India
…and other snippets…
09 February, 2011, Sify.com

What if it’s Australia again?
…and other World Cup snippets…
01 February, 2011, Sify.com

Yusuf Pathan – the new Emperor of Blitz
…and other World Cup snippets…
28 January, 2011, Sify.com

Confused ICC changes format yet again
It’s a different World Cup every time
27 January, 2011, Sify.com

Where India always beats Pakistan
India leads 4-0. What about 2011?
27 January, 2011, Sify.com

South Africa? Are you choking?
A brief history of the Proteas at the World Cup
26 January, 2011, Sify.com

Could it be a totally different 2011 World Cup?
…and other World Cup snippets…
25 January, 2011, Sify.com

Many positives for team India despite a loss
Yusuf Pathan is the jewel in the crown
24 January, 2011, Sify.com

A good bet for the World Cup
A SWOT analysis of Team India
18 January, 2011, Sify.com

India lack the knockout punch
Always so near and yet so far…
7 January, 2011, Sify.com

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