Cricket Columns February to June 2010

Do only bad boys become world champions?
Is aggression the only thing that matters?, 30 June, 2010

Team India & a pretty long jinx
The jinx that lasted 15 years…, 23 June, 2010

Asia Cup: Acid test for India
The first step for the 2011 WC campaign, 16 June, 2010

Remove the problem, not the person
The BCCI has the same solution to everything, 9 June, 2010

Is the BCCI accountable to anything or anyone?
The latest is the decison not to take part in the Asian Games, 1 June, 2010

Youngistan for Zimbabwe & Bangladesh is good
The BCCI has got something right, 27 May, 2010

Unfit India not favourites for 2011 World Cup
That’s one fallout of the T20 Windies fiasco, 19 May, 2010

More than 100 years in the making…
England finally wins a world cup, 17 May, 2010

Are we simply a bad T20 team?
Post-2007, our performance has dipped, 12 May, 2010

Will T20 kill the ODI star?
Twenty20s are the future…, 5 May, 2010

Six things I still like about the IPL…
There’s still nothing wrong with IPL fundamentals, 29 April, 2010

The A to Z of IPL Controversies
A lowdown on three seasons of IPL…, 23 April, 2010

Kerry Modi & Lalit Packer
Some IPL snippets…, 20 April, 2010

Controversies & a 50-50 chance
Some IPL snippets…, 15 April, 2010

India sending B-team to World Cup
Some IPL snippets…, 12 April, 2010

Cheerleaders 1, Moral Police 0
Some IPL snippets…, 5 April, 2010

The funniest tweets
Some IPL snippets…, 1 April, 2010

Chennai’s loss could be India’s gain
Some IPL snippets…, 29 March, 2010

Sachin & the big World Cup prize
Some IPL snippets…, 25 March, 2010

Ready for Sreesanth as captain?
Some IPL snippets…, 22 March, 2010

If Sunil Gavaskar had played T20!
Some IPL snippets…, 18 March, 2010

Lalit Modi needs a Twitter lesson
Some IPL snippets…, 15 March, 2010

Who will nail the Pakistan Cricket Board?
On the latest cricket controversy…, 11 March, 2010

The curious case of the IPL Icons
When being an icon doesn’t mean that much…, 10 March, 2010

Is Sachin really the greatest batsman of all time?
A contrarian view…, 2 March, 2010

Harbhajan Singh, the media & a million idiots
How the media loves going overboard on issue of cricket…, 24 February, 2010

Australia vs the rest: Curse of the Challenger
How it’s tough to hold on to the ICC Test Cricket No. 1 spot after you have captured it…, 10 February 2010

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