Random Thoughts 2

· Mankind is evolving continuously. First we had to work all 7 days a week, otherwise we would starve. Then they came out with a six-day week and that worked well for centuries. Today we have a five-day week.
Now mankind is ready to evolve to the next stage: A four-day week.

· If there’s computing in the clouds, what will happen when it rains?

· The Internet is not an INTERconnected NETwork of Computers, but an INTERconnected NETwork of People.

· In India, is it Customer Care or Cusstomer care?

· Why can’t India have a tabloid that is actually a newspaper? When the newsprint becomes narrow, why does the thinking and outlook become narrow too?

· You can say green till you’re green in the face… that won’t stop the world’s pollution.

· When it comes to brainpower, your grey matter always feels greyer on this side of an argument.

· Taali ek haath se nahin bajti, par thappad ek haath se hi maarte hain na?

© Sunil Rajguru

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