Random Thoughts 16

Privatization: The conversion of public assets to private ownership. Sometimes leads to controversy.
Publicization: The conversion of an Indian politician’s private thoughts and words to the public domain via media like Twitter, TV channels and spy cams. It is a hot trend in India and always leads to controversy.

• People talk of total Internet penetration and total computer penetration. Ha! The light bulb was invented about 200 years ago and we don’t even have total light bulb penetration in India, thanks to lack of electrification.

• The man who said impossible is a word in a fool’s dictionary could not even conquer the small island next door.

• What happened to all the Scorpios of the world when Pluto was downgraded of its planetary status? (Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio)

• God has made someone for everyone. But if he by mistake repeats the process once or more, is that the reason for divorce?

• If a Murderer gets a Life Sentence, then does a Husband get a Wife Sentence?

© Sunil Rajguru