The Thriller is now History (and probably Heavenwalking)

All hail to the King of Pop and listen to HisStory
Most of it’s legendary and some simply gory
Of his parents Michael was the magical child Number 7
and he became a singing pro at the young age of 11
As part of the soon to go kaput Jackson 5
He was destined to go solo and rock and jive
He broke into the scene in the late 1970s with Off the Wall
How many 21-year-olds can stand so tall?
Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
He never did stop and we never did get enough
Then Thriller sold nearly 50 million units and all the rest Beat It
Billie Jean
is still on my mind and the all-time great list
8 Grammies in his hand on a single night
Never did any modern music star shine so bright
We are the World sent aid right into the heart of Africa
Even as his music stock was rising and rising in America
The going was still good with the rise of Bad
(Today he’s not around and the feeling’s simply Sad)
The way he made us feel: We just couldn’t stop loving him
The Man in the Mirror
: You gotta just stand up and applaud him
His form continued to be Dangerous right into the 1990s
His music surrounded the world like a cool breeze
Remember the Time we were all humming to Black or White
You could dance to his tunes all day and night
Then came HIStory and Invincible and he was on the decline
Try telling that to his fans and he still sold millions and drew many a long line

MJ claimed that his father whipped him, beat him and called him names,
Did that affect all his future mind games?
He fought abuse allegations on many a day
He was made fun of and ridiculed in every way
He started off as a black and ended a white
That was attributed to a disease called vitiligo and made his skin go bright
In his twenties, he broke his nose while dancing like a demon
Lifelong breathing problems he had and multiple surgeries he had to rely on
The press called him Wacko Jacko and hounded him with delight
Sample some of the stories that gave his fans a fright
“He was about to dump his baby to his doom”
“His pet chimpanzee Bubbles shares his toilet and cleans his bedroom”
“He’s sleeping in an oxygen chamber to remain forever young”
“He’s bought the bones of The Elephant Man, how dumb!”
Said MJ himself throwing his hands up in the air
OK, call me a Martian, say I do voodoo, I don’t care…

At the end of it he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice
And his dances defied the laws of gravity and puzzled even the wise
Who can forget the legendary Moonwalk and the snazzy Robot
He left all the greatest dancers way behind in one single shot
Did you know that MTV initially didn’t want to air his videos
Today you can’t imagine a music channel without an MJ dose
We’ll never forget his live shows, pelvic thrusts and clenched fists
His quantum jumps and mesmerizing twists
After Elvis and the Beatles it’s MJ all the way
His music and beats and lyrics will forever stay
Elizabeth Taylor was right, he is the King of Pop
From the beginning to the end his music remains on top
Where is he now, I keep wondering and wondering
Maybe he’s jiving with the angels and now Heavenwalking

© Sunil Rajguru

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