US Presidential musings…

Why Trump may win…
‪#‎ISimplyHateTrump‬ beats ‪#‎ButIHateHillaryEvenMore‬
(May the best man win = May the least hated person win!)

Every politician’s dilemma…
Obama: Down down Hillary!
Sanders: Down down Hillary!
Obama/Sanders: Up up Hillary!

The US President is King of the Global World Order.
So if Trump gets elected, forget America, you may have to leave this planet.

Had super delegates not rigged it, Sanders would have got all anti-Hillary and anti-Trump votes, which would be a good chunk.

Democrat leadership supports dynasty over merit.
Sanders was far more charismatic, but super delegates put him behind at start line itself.

Socialists/Communists say the American Dream is dead.
Can we instead discuss the Russian Dream from 1917-91?

100% American Presidents have been males who had at least one white parent.

If elected, ages when their US Presidential term ends in 2021…
Sanders 79.
Trump 74.
Hillary 73.
Old age pensioners club of candidates!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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