More #TrumpPresident musings…

Trump was an iceberg with 7/8th support under the water.
The iceberg sank the Titanic of Liberals, Leftists, Intellectuals and Media.

A man who says he’ll #DrainTheSwamp ends two of America’s biggest political dynasties even before he takes over.

When the needle turns Left.
Liberals: The moral compass is pointing to pure good!
When the needle turns Right.
Liberals: The moral compass is pointing to pure evil!

All American elections.
~50% don’t vote.
~25% vote for someone.
~25% vote for someone else.
If media-liberals’ candidate wins, it’s a great system.
Otherwise it’s crap.

Hillary was the worst candidate.
Voters concurred.
Liberals still in denial

America is not regretting anything.
Trump voters are happy they voted for Trump.
Hillary voters are happy they didn’t vote for Trump.
Non-voters are happy they didn’t vote.

It’s been a really violent intolerant campaign by Trump Haters to show that Trump is full of hate, violence and intolerance.

What if an Indian quit India in 2014 because Modi won and went to America and now wants to leave because of Trump.

About 60 million voted for Trump.
Average Americans struggling with their daily lives.
Get over it, Trump Haters.

Jeb: #AbkiBaarBushSarkaar
Trump: You’re fired!
Hillary: #AbkiBaarClintonSarkaar
Trump: You’re fired!

Hillary + Democrats are really feeling the Bern because Sanders would have given a much better fight to Trump.

Bill’s wife and deputy lost the Presidential polls.
#Hillary #Gore
Obama’s two Secretaries of State lost the Presidential polls.
#Hillary #Kerry

Indians who cheer incompetent failures like Lalu, Pappu, Mamata, Kejri and Sonia are alarmed at Trump’s “danger to democracy” victory in America.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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