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cinema-1814606_64010 films that made Akshay Kumar a superstar
August 14, 2017,

Five reasons why SRK looks totally finished
August 9, 2017,

The 3 Khan Era is dead. Long live ‘Baahubali’!
May 30, 2017,

Move over Aamir, Salman, Shah Rukh Khan and even Rajinikanth – Baahubali is here
May 4, 2017,

In Hollywood, Abhay Deol would have been a superstar
April 18, 2017,

Why I’m glad Kangana Ranaut shamed Karan Johar about dynasty politics in Bollywood
March 8, 2017,

Why is Aamir Khan not called a ‘superstar’, but SRK and Salman are?
January 3, 2017,

Does Shah Rukh Khan want Bollywood to boycott him?
October 15, 2016,

Forget SRK and Salman, Bollywood’s biggest superstar will be Akshay Kumar
August 16, 2016,

IMDb’s Top 250 Indian Movies’ list overturns popular beliefs
August 2, 2016,

Why Sultan is the worst ambassador for Rio
July 15, 2016,

How Amitabh Bachchan ruined Bollywood for good
July 8, 2016,

5 ways Bollywood promotes misogyny
July 6, 2016,

Shirish Kunder vs Aneel Neupane: A David vs Goliath battle
June 30, 2016,

Salman Khan is our most pathetic superstar
June 30, 2016,

Why India desperately needs many more Udta Punjabs
June 18, 2016,

8 reasons to fall in love with Udta Punjab
June 17, 2016,

7 reasons spat with Kangana was unfair on Hrithik
May 16, 2016,

SRK’s Fan reveals Bollywood’s new king (and it’s not the superstar)
May 3, 2016,

Salman Khan is best choice for India’s Goodwill Ambassador of Olympics
April 25, 2016,

I hate Bollywood for its song and dance sequences
March 10, 2016,

7 Indians with more than 7 international films
February 9, 2016,

Why SRK’s Fan and Raees will suffer like Dilwale
January 9, 2016,

Neither Big B nor SRK: Can Incredible India think beyond film stars?
January 8, 2016,

Shah Rukh Khan’s career is now officially over
January 4, 2016,

Sabse Bada Khiladi: Akshay Kumar completes 25 years in Bollywood
December 30, 2015,

Bollywood’s “phoren” heroines. Where are the “phoren” heroes?
December 28, 2015,

How SRK and Dilwale got punished for Aamir over intolerance
December 23, 2015,

Aamir Khan: Greatest superstar of all time?
January 5, 2015,

Bollywood: From 1 Crore Club to the 300 Crore Club
January 5, 2015,

Why PK presses all the wrong buttons
December 31, 2014,

All hail Aamir, the Emperor Khan!
31 January, 2014,


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