What’s on my mind?

Don’t know.

Can’t tell.

Don’t want to tell.

Do you want to know?

Does anyone really care?

Is there any point of what’s on my mind going out into cyberspace?

I don’t have a mind

I don’t mind!

Do you mind???!!!???

Do I even know my own mind?

Off Limits.


Keep Out!

Telling you hasn’t crossed my mind yet.

I would rather give you a piece of my mind.

Nice Bollywood song!

Yeah, you’d “Like” that wouldn’t you?

First you tell me, what’s on your mind?

I have half a mind to…

Never Mind!

Bottomline: We are all out of one’s minds to tell the whole world what’s on our mind!

© Sunil Rajguru

3 thoughts on “What’s on my mind?

  1. Vani: Schizophrene describes us perfectly.
    Anu: Thanks! Accha! I thought most people thought that I’ve lost it when it comes to social networking.

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