2012-13 Cricket Columns

India’s overseas Test debacle has no end in sight
It’s 0-9 and counting…
31 December, 2013, Sify.com

Cricket India: The best and worst of 2013
Rohit, Sreesanth, Srinivas…
30 December, 2013, Sify.com

World Cricket: The best and worst of 2013
Ashes, sledging, rankings…
30 December, 2013, Sify.com

2013: Best year for Team India ever
Statistically the greatest
28 November, 2013, Sify.com

Sammy saves the Windies yet again!
The sum is greater than the parts
25 November, 2013, Sify.com

Will India-SA Africa rivalry also collapse?
Last 3 series tied at 1-1 each
22 November, 2013, Sify.com

7 failures of Sachin Tendulkar
For one, was he a selfish player?
22 November, 2013, Sify.com

Sachin’s last Test & the 8 batsman oddity
There were records galore
November, 2013, Sify.com

Thank God Sachin is retiring!
The media always made him eclipse others
November, 2013, Sify.com

Where’s the retirement party for 4 seniors?
Zaheer. Bhajji. Sehwag. Gambhir.
9 November, 2013, Sify.com

Has India become vulnerable against spin?
Last 3 Test series point that way
9 November, 2013, Sify.com

India’s new order rises in all formats
More than ready for life without Sachin
9 November, 2013, Sify.com

Slam bam, thank you ICC!
10 reasons for increasing 300+ scores
3 November, 2013, Sify.com

World is not enough for Kohli
Greatest chaser ever?
3 November, 2013, Sify.com

SA continues its dream Test run
The 3rd “Greatest” team ever
30 October, 2013, Sify.com

The many lives of Rohit Sharma
Flop till 2012, hit in 2013
21 October, 2013, Sify.com

Here’s to our 75th 300 in 17 years!
Mohali witnessed the landmark
20 October, 2013, Sify.com

How many cricketers will retire?
Starting with Sachin Tendulkar
2 September, 2013, Sify.com

8 coincidences and ironies of Indian cricket
From Sharjah to Sir Jadeja…
20 August, 2013, Sify.com

DRS caught BCCI bowled Ashes
It needs a major overhaul…
13 August, 2013, Sify.com

Rasool case: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!
Even when the BCCI got it right…
05 August, 2013, Sify.com

8 things wrong with the BCCI…
Whether Srinivasan goes or not…
02 August, 2013, Sify.com

Why Bhuvi could be a long-term player
Let’s hope he doesn’t go like the other quicks…
15 July, 2013, Sify.com

7 reasons why Dhoni is a great leader
Humble, unconventional, great manager…
12 July, 2013, Sify.com

Action replay for India after 28 years
On the Champions Trophy win…
29 June, 2013, Sify.com

Is Dhoni our greatest player ever?
He is in a league of his own…
24 June, 2013, Sify.com

7 surprises of the Champions Trophy
Fielding is the biggest one…
18 June, 2013, Sify.com

Dhoni: A strange but successful captain
There must be something about him…
18 June, 2013, Sify.com

Leave ‘em Duckworth-Lewis alone!
It’s the best method used so far
17 June, 2013, Sify.com

Why this is the mother of all scams…
It involves one and all…
17 June, 2013, Sify.com

8 professions still open to the match fixers
Politics, business, writing…
3 June, 2013, Sify.com

There is no hope for the BCCI!
They have reverted to the past
2 June, 2013, Sify.com

6 ways to reduce match-fixing
Desperate measures are needed
30 May, 2013, Sify.com

This is the IPL’s 9/11 moment
It’s bigger than the 1990s scandal
30 May, 2013, Sify.com

Board of Control for Conflict of Interests
Indian cricket is a crazy world
23 May, 2013, Sify.com

Top 3 controversies of every IPL
They just keep coming…
21 May, 2013, Sify.com

BCCI knows that scandal will be forgotten soon
People have a short-term memory
21 May, 2013, Sify.com

The A to Z of IPL6
Adam, bookies, CSK, DC…
20 May, 2013, Sify.com

10 Dravid achievements that got eclipsed
A great always in the shadows
19 May, 2013, Sify.com

Rajasthan’s love affair with cricket turns sour
The Lalit Modi effect
18 May, 2013, Sify.com

10 ugly truths about match-fixing…
For one, the fixer always gets away
17 May, 2013, Sify.com

Bhajji always has the last laugh!
Despite his many controversies
17 May, 2013, Sify.com

The A to Z of Sreesanth
He is the God of controversy
16 May, 2013, Sify.com

It’s like a quadruple century in an ODI match!
Gayle’s 175 is simply phenomenal
24 April, 2013, Sify.com

Aussies, welcome to the Whitewash Club!
Now all Test teams have gone down post-2000
27 March, 2013, Sify.com

It’s painful to watch Sachin struggle like this
He should have quit long back
25 March, 2013, Sify.com

Has Team India recovered from the crash?
Alll top teams siffer thus
21 March, 2013, Sify.com

The art of thrashing weak teams
India is finally getting it right
21 March, 2013, Sify.com

Why on earth is he Sir Ravindra Jadeja?
And why certain things just stick
20 March, 2013, Sify.com

Dhoni begins his second innings in style
He was down and out as Test captain
19 March, 2013, Sify.com

GenNext has done what old guard couldn’t!
We are looking at our first genuine whitewash
19 March, 2013, Sify.com

The curious case of the vanishing quickies
Almost 20 have made their debut after Zaheer
11 March, 2013, Sify.com

Will India complete its first 4-0 whitewash?
We have never acheived such a feat
05 March, 2013, Sify.com

Dhoni takes India out of the ICU
He has done it again and again…
27 February, 2013, Sify.com

Team India’s selection still curious
We won the Chennai Test despite that
27 February, 2013, Sify.com

Team India begins from rock bottom again
On the Australia Test tour
18 February, 2013, Sify.com

India have unearthed two great talents
Thumbs up for Bhuvneshwar & Shami
28 January, 2013, Sify.com

2012: The year of the visiting Test team
When home bastions just crumbled
30 December, 2012, Sify.com

Why India needs a great coach in 2013
Fletcher has been a total disaster
30 December, 2012, Sify.com

2013: A very uncertain Indian Test team
Nobody is sure of their place

30 December, 2012, Sify.com

Spare a thought for Zaheer Khan!
Has he virtually retired?
24 December, 2012, Sify.com

Cricketer of the year: Virat Kohli
He’s come up trumps in all 3 forms
24 December, 2012, Sify.com

2012: Sachin’s worst year ever
He carried his bad form from 2011
18 December, 2012, Sify.com

How the BCCI keeps rewarding failure
And failure breeds failure
17 December, 2012, Sify.com

A tale of three home defeats
Will this one lead to a change too?
17 December, 2012, Sify.com

Cricket: The best and worst of 2012
Of England, Lanka, Windies…
14 December, 2012, Sify.com

The curious case of Mohinder Amarnath
Dhoni has been attacked for the wrong reasons
13 December, 2012, Sify.com

5 Indian captains with great debuts and bad ends
From Wadekar to Dhoni
10 December, 2012, Sify.com

Indian cricket has hanged, needs a restart
Will the BCCI finally wake up?
9 December, 2012, Sify.com

7 things you may not know about the No.1 Test team
The South Africans are really something
7 December, 2012, Sify.com

Where is the Test batting talent?
It’s there at the Ranji level!
3 December, 2012, Sify.com

Sachin vs Ponting: Who’s the greatest?
That is in terms of victory statistics
30 November, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly side of Ricky Ponting
He was a player of many shades
29 November, 2012

India sticks stubbornly to the losing formula
The BCCI hates change
26 November, 2012

Sehwag is an overseas wizard too
His slump started a few years ago
23 November, 2012

Should Sachin make way for younger blood?
He has been failing for too long
19 November, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly side of Azhar
He had his highs and lows
9 November, 2012

8 quick fixes Indian cricket needs
Team India continues its decline
17 October, 2012, Sify.com

A West Indies revival? Don’t count on it!
The T20 victory is a flash in the pan
17 October, 2012, Sify.com

Monsoon hits Windies after 33 years of drought
A well deserved T20 WC victory
08 October, 2012, Sify.com

King Kohli now rules all 3 realms
He has arrived in the T20 scene too
05 October, 2012, Sify.com

Team India has still a lot to cheer about!
One negative has nullified all the positives
05 October, 2012, Sify.com

Team India stuck in a time warp
The 2007 strategy was still being used
03 October, 2012, Sify.com

India favourites for the T20 World Cup
A number of factors will help India
14 September, 2012, Sify.com

Tendulkar is well past his sell-by date
He’s been out of sorts for a couple of years
03 September, 2012, Sify.com

India’s new Fab 4 have to get in fast
The Under-19 champs shouldn’t be left to rust
29 August, 2012, Sify.com

Every Test captain has beginner’s luck
From Dhoni to Clarke to Misbah
28 August, 2012, Sify.com

The true champions of Test cricket
The South Africans are the most consistent
21 August, 2012, Sify.com

India’s best chance to claw back to the top
The ICC Test No. 1 ranking is up for grabs
21 August, 2012, Sify.com

VVS: Greater the challenge, greater the man
He was the king of the fourth innings chase
19 August, 2012, Sify.com

Wanted: A T20-powered globalization drive
The only way “minnows” can compete
26 June, 2012, Sify.com

The badshah of Bollywood extends his domain
SRK finally tastes IPL success
28 May, 2012, Sify.com

“Last minute” Dhoni strikes again!
CSK qualifies in the nick of time
20 May, 2012, Sify.com

Of great chases and changing hairstyles
Some IPL snippets…
09 May, 2012, Sify.com

6 disadvantages of the IPL
Despite its successes some things rankle
02 May, 2012, Sify.com

Coming soon: A 36-run over
IPL is seeing some lusty hitting this year
26 April, 2012, Sify.com

A country for old men
IPL continues to be a good retirement home
14 April, 2012, Sify.com

Ajinkya Rahane’s time has come
He deserves a place in Team India again
14 April, 2012, Sify.com

Is IPL just bad news for Shahrukh Khan?
Controversies ever since KKR was formed
14 April, 2012, Sify.com

The controversies are back!
You just can’t keep them out of the IPL
10 April, 2012, Sify.com

3 fixes the IPL needs…
Will CSK get a hat-trick?
04 April, 2012, Sify.com

Is Kallis the greatest Test player ever?
He is the perfect all-rounder…
31 March, 2012, Sify.com

The Mad Max Trinity
Sehwag, Dhoni and Kohli…
29 March, 2012, Sify.com

7 reasons why we are crazy about cricket
India and cricket are a perfect fit
27 March, 2012, Sify.com

Bangladesh: A bright future in ODIs now
They shouldn’t be disheartened by the Asia Cup loss
23 March, 2012, Sify.com

The greats of the greatest era
That era lasted from 2007-11
21 March, 2012, Sify.com

8 question marks for Sachin’s all-time great status
…before he can be called The Greatest
19 March, 2012, Sify.com

King Kohli strikes yet again!
This young gun keeps raising the bar
19 March, 2012, Sify.com

Time for Sachin to go
He should call it a day in ODIs
17 March, 2012, Sify.com

Dashavatar: The many remarkable forms of Sachin
A look at Ten roles he has donned
16 March, 2012, Sify.com

Who will replace Rahul Dravid?
The BCCI faces a really tough task
09 March, 2012, Sify.com

One of the most graceful retirements ever
Rahul Dravid walks into the sunset with his head held high
09 March, 2012, Sify.com

Is Rahul Dravid India’s greatest Test batsman?
He’s the best at converting runs to victories
08 March, 2012, Sify.com

Sri Lanka: The best second best team around
They just can’t make it to the top
08 March, 2012, Sify.com

10 great fight backs since 2000
From VVS to Virat
04 March, 2012, Sify.com

Peak before the IPL and crash after it
It happened in 2010 and 2011
04 March, 2012, Sify.com

Virat is the right choice
He has the potential to be a great captain
02 March, 2012, Sify.com

The Great Chasers
India can lay claim to be the greatest
01 March, 2012, Sify.com

Gambhir: The Wall of the shorter formats
He’s been there especially in WC finals
29 February, 2012, Sify.com

Virat Kohli: The new King of the victory chase
321-3 in 36.4 overs is simply amazing
28 February, 2012, Sify.com

Team India’s report card: XI in Decline
Bad form is epidemic with Team India
25 February, 2012, Sify.com

8 suggestions to improve Tests
The 5-day format needs a major booster shot
07 February, 2012, Sify.com

Anyone can be No. 1! Anyone can be whitewashed!
So world champions England lose 0-3
07 February, 2012, Sify.com

Beware, lightening can strike thrice!
India should guard against complacency
31 January, 2012, Sify.com

Why do greats just hang around?
Planning a retirement is a tricky process
31 January, 2012, Sify.com

0-8? Not on Sunil Gavaskar’s watch!
Some still think he’s India’s greatest Test batsman
30 January, 2012, Sify.com

Australia remains the final frontier
So near and yet so story was usually the story
28 January, 2012, Sify.com

Will Sehwag’s luck triumph at Adelaide?
Fortune is the only thing that could help India now
23 January, 2012, Sify.com

Indian Test cricket needs shock therapy…
Some short-term and long-term suggestions
17 January, 2012, Sify.com

Indian cricket’s bust and boom cycles
How every boom is followed by a crash
17 January, 2012, Sify.com

Leave Team India alone, BCCI
How BCCI has been flogging the Team India horse
17 January, 2012, Sify.com

The deja vu series…
India’s tour of Aus is just like 2007-08
11 January, 2012, Sify.com

Is it time for Team India to retire the Big 3?
Maybe time to honour them and move on…
09 January, 2012, Sify.com

India’s biggest Test crisis ever
Something is seriously rotten in the State…
06 January, 2012, Sify.com

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