New millennium journalistic terms…

Wiki: Fast. Really fast. Anything that breaks into the public domain instantaneously. Its opposite is “print”.

Leak: The term that has rendered all words like “scoop”, “exclusive” and “breaking news” redundant. If it will leak, it will leak into the Internet domain first.

Mobile Hack: A hack who hacks into a mobile in an effort to get desperate news to supplement a declining print venture.

Breaking News: A non-existent term full of sound and fury signifying nothing. (But something which the old school of journalism will not let go of at any cost.)

Exclusive: Means you were alone in a one-on-one chat with a celebrity who was telling you something that he or she had Tweeted to his or her millions of followers a few hours earlier.

Social Networking: The primary source for direct quotes of famous people and celebrities.

Cut and Paste: The secondary term for secondary sources which have become a primary source of news and been passed off as a primary news gathering device.

Cut and Paste and Rewrite: A much more polished form of Cut and Paste, as above.

Lead: Something earlier happened once a day, but now happens at least once every five minutes.

A Julian Assange: Someone who’s in trouble because he has leaked the secrets of the high and mighty of the world.

A Rupert Murdoch: Someone who’s in trouble because his own sordid secrets have been leaked to the world.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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