It’s an #AwardWapsi war by now…

Tamil Nadu—Can’t criticize Jaya.
West Bengal—Can’t criticize Mamata.
India—Can’t criticize Sonia.
Verdict—Modi is intolerant and suppresses freedom of speech.

2002: Attacked. Won.
2007: Attacked. Won.
2012: Attacked. Won.
2013: Attacked. Won.
2014: Attacked. Won.
2015: Under attack. Will win. Yawn!

#‎GharWapsi‬ played up.
‪#‎AwardWapsi‬ in full swing.
All for ‪#‎SoniaWapsi‬.

All freedoms exist only for the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty and its chamchas.
That’s the real fight going on right now.

© Sunil Rajguru

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