#AwardWapsi kabhi na ko kam…

All Modi haters return all your awards, Lutyens Bungalows, posts, perks, privileges, cash incentives… India will cheer you.

Common citizen…
1. There is a Sahitya Akademi?
2. They give awards?
3. These strangers got awards?
4. They’re giving them back?

Gorky-Russian Revolution.
Paine-French Revolution.
Franklin-American Revolution.
Indian writers-‪#‎AwardWapasiRevolution‬.‬‬

During Emergency the government killed directly.
Now deaths in Opposition States are being tediously linked to the man at the top.
‪#‎AwardWapsi‬ Club—Same to same!

During Emergency they jailed, tortured, censored, killed, no elections, no civil liberties, forced mass-sterilisations…
Now what?
‪#‎AwardWapsi‬ Club—Errr… I’m scared?

I was a ward of Sonia but now I feel lost and so I am returning my award.

Mamata, Akhilesh, Nitish and Kejri are ruining their States only to make Modi look bad.
Since Modi must be stopped at all costs, they are right.

Let’s have ‪#‎AwardWapsi‬ Night 2015.
Event will have many categories, get umpteen celebrities and top media coverage, so loads of sponsors too!
Akhilesh fails to maintain peace in Dadri.
Siddaramiah fails to protect Kalburgi.
Solution: Return forgotten awards to protest against Modi.

The Sahitya Akademi Award should be renamed as…
The Secularta Akademi Award.

1947 main Nehru ne apne chamcho ko saare opinions ka thekedaar bana diya.
2015 main abhi bhi unke vanshaj raaj kar rahe hai.

Manmohan not guilty as Sonia takes call.
Sonia not guilty as she’s not Prime Minister.
Modi PM of 1.25 billion people.
Guilty for all their sins.

Shouting “My voice is suppressed”.
Speaking freely that “Freedom of speech is gone”.
Abusing the PM 24X7 and then playing victim.

2005: Sweat! Petrified of Sonia.
2008: Silence! Petrified of Sonia.
2012! Shiver! Petrified of Sonia.
2015: We can finally speak! Modi is a Fascist dictator suppressing Free Speech!

No dissent in India say 1 million dissenters.
No press freedom shout 100 media houses.
Voice suppressed say 1 million Tweets.
Meanwhile all still petrified of Sonia.

Now every award in India will come with a “Return to sender” box and a form asking the reason…
a. Modi hater.
b. Free publicity.
c. Feeling neglected.
(Valid till 2019 at least and maybe beyond)

The Dynasty is on the throne,
Lutyens Cabal is calling all shots,
I am getting all my benefits,
And all is right with the world.
(‪#‎AdarshLiberal‬ pre-2014.)‬‬

Crime happens.
BJP ruling State? Blast BJP.
Congress ruling State? Check Centre.
BJP ruling Centre? Blast BJP.
Cong ruling Centre? Keep mum.

All Delhi journos + Congress/AAP leadership + Activists + Intellectuals + Celebrities
= Total viewership of all English news TV channels.

BJP is the only political party which keeps desperately knocking on the doors of media houses which hate it, insult it and misrepresent it.

Ye Idea of India nahin hai, Idea of Sonia hai.
India ke baare main sahi Idea Modi ke paas hai.

Babar, Hyder Ali and Ranjit Singh ban cow slaughter = Secular.
Gandhi and Nehru ban cow slaughter = Non-violence.
Very same ban in Modi Raj = Fascist, dictatorial and alarming.

High time Modi returned the ban against Rushdie’s book to protest against book writers returning awards against the alleged ban on freedom.

First Front: Modi & allies.
Second Front: Modi hating parties.
Third Front: Koi bacha hi nahin.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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