Abuse Modi 24X7 and still claim suppression of freedom…

We live in a country where the Prime Minister is attacked and abused 24X7.
What greater freedom of speech and expression can there be than that?

I smell the blood of a fake controversy,
Be it alive, or be it dead
I’ll grind its bones to make my bread.

Advisor: There is no hope for the Congress.
Sonia: OK, but round up the usual suspects and let’s give it one last try.

Ek haath se award lo aur media coverage pao.
Dono haatho se award waapas karo aur doogni coverage pao.

The best anti-Modi arguments come from Modi supporters.
Modi haters merely rant and rave loudly without any rhyme or reason or logic.

Modi bowler hai.
2019 tak bowl karega.
Opponents batsmen hai.
Ek baar out, to out of the game.

Modi haters want him to act tough on crime.
That means they want him to dismiss the Akhilesh and Mamata governments.
That’s the only way crime will come down in those States.

Aap award se itne pareshaan kyun hai?
‪#‎AwardWapsiGang‬: Kyunki ab hame reward nahin mil raha hai.

Nehru was the Emperor of Intolerance.
Now his chamchas are frothing in the mouth over “intolerance”.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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