Musings on various States that see Goonda Raj in India today…

Only in India is a murder measured by caste, religion, political allegiance, who’s CM and who’s PM.
Nobody really cares for the dead person.

In India living people are treated like shit.
Dead people are treated like gold.

One secular death is 100 times greater than 100 communal deaths.
When you get into such equations, you will never get a solution.

Crime rates spiked under Akhilesh, Mamata and Nitish’s latest term.
But since they are secular, don’t hold them accountable for anything.

Complete Freedom of Speech is granted only to Modi Haters.
Kejri, Mamata, Nitish, Kanhaiya etc have wisely realized this.

A jungle is beautiful.
In a jungle animals kill to survive not for fun.
Jungle Raj is wrong—it’s Goonda Raj. Anarchy.
And it’s all Nitish’s doing.

Modi good governance kare to jallaad.
Akhilesh/Nitish/Lalu/Mamata bad governance kare to laadla/laadli.
What about the people suffering under them?

3 most pressing issues for citizens of Delhi…
1. Modi’s degree.
2. Kanhaiya’s welfare.
3. Uttarakhand
Power, garbage, paani sab gaya tel lene.
Source: CM.

Nitish-Lalu-Mamata-Akhilesh-Siddu are destroying governance in their States.
No alleged intellectual-liberal-secular cares.
They are supported in fact.

Deaths in Bihar are rampant.
Some times they are covered by media.
Never are Nitish-Lalu pulled up for the same.
Two perfect politicians?

To me the biggest political mystery is how India’s worst roughest rudest Goonda Raj politician gets so much love, adoration and support.

Worse the politician, greater the support among intellectuals, seculars, media and liberals.
Good governance is dead boring.

Nitish knows that no matter how much he goofs up, he will be a darling for PM candidate by 2018 and hence Goonda Raj will continue unabated.

Bihar-WB-UP have already become more dangerous than J&K.
Who cares?

Everyone knew that Nitish would give bad governance with Lalu.
Everyone knows that Pappu will give bad governance when he becomes Prime Minister.

He’s planning a Sangh-mukt Bharat.
But the way it’s going we may end up with a Nitish-mukt Bihar.

1990 WTF1: Lalu elected!
1995 WTF2: Lalu re-elected!
2000 WTF3: Lalu re-elected again!
2015 WTF4: Lalu makes a comeback!

Fit case for dismissal of Bihar-UP-WB governments over law and order but this cannot even be discussed let alone implemented.

All accepted as normal now.

Left Front 60 LS seats.
Invincible in West Bengal.
Great time for Communist student politics.
Communist politics of any kind no longer a lifelong option.

The ‪#‎AdarshLiberals‬ philosophy…
Ek Sonia pe ek billion Indians kurbaan.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Jab Yuvraj Uttar Pradesh ko bachane chale the…

Yuvraj: Ab main Uttar Pradesh ke baare main baat karunga…

(Par kuch log use bolne hi nahin dete…)

Pahala Prashna: UP se pahala Pradhan Mantri kaun bana tha?

Yuvraj: Errr… mere pardada…

Doosra Prashna: Aur aapki dadi kahan se chun ke aayi thi?

Yuvraj: Errr… UP…

Teesra Prashna: 1984 main kaunsa Pradhan Mantri Uttar Pradesh se chun ke aaye the aur saare Lok Sabha ke seats le gaye the?

Yuvraj: Errr… mere papa…

Chautha Prashna: Aap aur Sonia kahan se chunav jeet ke aaye hain?

Yuvraj: Errr… UP… par woh sab chhodiye, mujhe ye rajya sirf dus saal ke liye deejiye…

Paanchva Prashna: Congress ne UP main kitne saal raj kiya?

Yuvraj: Errr… lagbhag  paitees saal… par woh sab chhodiye… Mayawati galat hain…

Chhatha Prashna: To sahi kya hain? Aapka vision kya hain? Strategy kya hai?

Yuvraj: Errr… koi vision nahin, koi strategy bhi nahin aur sahi kya hai main nahin jaanta, main sirf itna jaanta hu ki aap please please bheek mat mangiye doosre rajya ja ke!

Saatva Prashna: To kya isi rajya main bheek maange?

Yuvraj: Errr… errr… errr…

(Aur kuch log hasne lagte hain…)

Diggy Raja: Khaamosh! Haso mat! Ek din ye Pradhan Mantri ban-ne hi waale hain, tab hum sab hasenge aur aap sab roenge! Ha ha ha ha…

Moral of the story: He who laughs last, laughs the longest…

© Sunil Rajguru

Divide, rule and enjoy!

Advisor: Madam, aapke chaar problems hai: Bhrashtachar, anti-incumbency, image aur development.
Madam: Rajya ke chaar tukde kar do!

Diggy Raja: Yuvraj, woh aapka stepping stone hai pradhan mantri ke pad ke liye.
Yuvraj: Mummy! Woh mere stepping stone ke chaar tukde kar rahi hai!

Mulayam: Ek tukda Maya ke paas. Ek Ajit le jaayega. Ek shaayad Congress ya BJP le jaayega. Phir bhi mere liye ek tukda bachta hai. Waise, idea bura nahin hai!

Amar Singh: Actually, mera network bhi bad jaayega!

At Rashtrapati Bhawan: Three more Governors to lord over!

Government contractors: More assemblies! More offices! More quarters! More orders! More development…

The ghost of Mountbatten: Hmmm… the United Provinces is finally getting Divided…

© Sunil Rajguru

Indian states then and now…

2001: Don’t you dare do a Bihar!
2011: Why don’t you do a Bihar?

1955: I feel as special as Kashmir.
2011: I feel as tired and weary as Kashmir.

1989: The Congress is destroying Uttar Pradesh.
1999: The BJP is destroying Uttar Pradesh.
2007: Mulayam Singh Yadav is destroying Uttar Pradesh.
2011: Mayawati is destroying Uttar Pradesh.
2012: Who will destroy Uttar Pradesh?

1957, 67, 69, 70, 78, 80, 87, 96, 2006: Kerala is being “Left” behind.
1962, 77, 81, 91, 2001, 11: Kerala is being left behind thanks to the Congress.

2010: May you last as long as the West Bengal Communist government.
2011: May you not be forgotten the way the West Bengal Communist government was.

© Sunil Rajguru