Current political musings…

Tangled up in notes
I’m sending you a note.
Note a good idea.
But it’s led to a loss of crores of currency notes!
You ‘note’y boy!

US: What would I do without you?
Pak: But you never had me!
US: Then let’s divorce!
Pak: But you’ll still have to pay me alimony!

The curious case of the liquor baron
Wanted to launch an airline, but didn’t.
Saw his poor neighbour do the same.
Pestered him to sell out.
On failing, launched an airline himself.
Finally managed to take over neighbour’s above mentioned airline.
Curiously renamed it “Red”, a financially inauspicious term.
Shut down Red.
Turbulence in the air.
Turbulence on the ground.
Turbulence in the head.
And Red’s gonna to be dead.

Motto: Don’t gimme Red!

This version by Sunil Rajguru