Durga Shakti Nagpal musings…

The whole nation rallied behind…
…Anna: Lokpal not cleared.
…Khemka: Zilch.
…Durga: Chargesheeted.
1 Politician <Greater than> 1 Million Protestors.

Statement: Durga, we are all with you.
What you think it means: We are fighting with you.
What it actually means: We are suffering with you.

MMS on Durga case…
“The rules have been laid down and the rules will be followed.”
Wow! That applies to each and every event in the country from 1947 to now!
What a sweeping statement!

Sonia writes letter to MMS.
Why, are they pen friends?

The last famous Shakti (Kapoor) was a Bollywood villain.
The next famous (Durga) Shakti (Nagpal) is also being treated as a villain by our politicians.

Durga… 1. Suspended. 2. Chargesheeted.
Two wrongs don’t make a right.
But two wrongs sure up the fight.

Akhilesh: We have built castles in UP.
Comment: But you have built castles in the sand (mafia land).

Why did you send a letter to MMS?
Sonia: I can’t tell whether he’s nodding his head or not on the phone.
Reliance: What you need is a videophone. Kar lo duniya apni mutthi main!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

How the Congress and SP keep checkmating each other…

Congress: Durga. SP: Khemka.

Congress: Durga. SP: No Food Bill.

Congress: Durga. SP: All IAS officers can leave UP.

SP: Sonia no PM. Congress: SP no Government.

SP: We’ll withdraw support. Congress: We’ll call CBI.

Congress: Secular. SP: Secular.

Congress: Rahul. SP: Akhilesh.

Congress: UPA3. SP: Third Front.

And as usual, India always loses.

© Sunil Rajguru

Random poll musings…

∙ Nowadays there are a lot of quota-ble quotes in the election speeches.

∙ In politics first there were wheels within wheels.
Nowadays there are quotas within quotas.

Q: What’s the first thing you’ll do if you come to power in UP?
A: Make sure that the covers never come off Maya’s statues!

∙ PM: Actually I’m more worried about malnutrition in FDI.

© Sunil Rajguru

Why India is not developed…

Rahul Gandhi: Bihar is not developed because NDA is not focusing on the poor.
Rahul Again: Orissa is not developed because though it is rich, the people are poor.
Rahul Yet Again: Punjab is not developed because Central funds don’t reach the poor thanks to the State government.
And Rahul Yet Again: UP is not developed because of people like Mayawati.
Who Else but Rahul: India will not develop till UP is developed.

First Voter: What do you think?
Second Voter: I think Rahul is not developed!

PJ of the day…

Yesterday’s slogan if you didn’t have enough money to do something…
Majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi

Today’s Congress slogan if you don’t have any more ideas to revive your party…
Majboori ka naam Rahul Gandhi

© Sunil Rajguru