The Year of the Steve Jobs…

The United Nations has officially declared 2011-12 as the Year of the Steve Jobs.

The following things will be done in his honour…

∙ The nickname of New York City will be downgraded to “The Little Apple”.
“The Big Apple” will always refer to Steve Jobs.

∙ The Smiley will now officially be written as i)

∙ Whenever Jobs is being quoted, the possessive pronoun “I” will go in lower case as “i”.

∙ Apple Inc, will take the I in Inc, turn it into the lower case and prefix it to the new name.
For those who didn’t get that, the new name will be iApple.

∙ Every year on October 5, we all will have to miss at least one meal in a day and do at least one downright stupid act to honour his “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” message.

∙ Evangelists will set up the Church of iApple, which will follow the Book of Jobs as laid down by Prophet Steve.
Followers will be called the iPeople.
They will be the Chosen Ones, or the lucky dudes possessing at least one iApple product.

∙ In all future lessons it will be taught that a banana falling on Newton’s head led to the discovery of gravity.
The Apple has been exclusively reserved for Jobs.

© Sunil Rajguru