Congress crisis musings…

If you support Kejri, you are an honest sincere human being.
If you support Pappu you are neutral.
But if you support Modi you are communal, Fascist and irrational.

Congress workers renamed a toilet after Rishi Kapoor under the following scheme…
Rajiv Gandhi Shauchalya Ka Naam Badlo Yojana.

Modi approval ratings 2014-19…
Aam junta: 2/3rds approve.
‪#‎AdarshLiberals‬: 2/300ths approve.

The Congress Priyanka ‪#‎2019Polls‬ dilemma…
Get her in too soon and she gets exposed.
Get her late and voters already decided to give Modi second term.

A severe Congress reshuffle would mean…
Senior President: Sonia.
Senior Vice President: Rahul.
Junior Vice President: Priyanka.
Mascot: Vadra.

In 2009 they told us Sonia best bet for India.
In 2014 they told us Mera Pappu Mahaan.
In 2019 they’ll say Priyanka greatest ever.

Congress then…
How can Amitabh share the stage with a person like Modi!
How can Modi share the stage with a person like Amitabh!

I am ready to die for Sonia.
I pledge allegiance to Sonia.
Madamji at your feet.
Arundhati isn’t an independent and mobile republic, Sonia is!

Madhavrao Scindia-Rajesh Pilot left us.
Pranabda is Prez.
No really strong Chief Minister.
Let’s face it. Pappu’s still the best bet.

1885-1920: Indian National Congress
1920-48: Congress (Mahatma)
1948-66: Congress (Nehru)
1966-2014: Congress (Indira)
2014-__: Congress (Pappu)

Dare to think beyond Dynasty?
Sonia should retire. Who should take over?
But Pappu has failed.
Kucch naya socho!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Sonia is cornered musings…

Sonia nahi ye aandhi hai,
doosri Indira Gandhi hai.
1. Indira did Emergency.
2. Indira was arrested.
3. Indira promoted son at party’s cost.

Sonia has surpassed Nehru, Indira and Rajiv put together.
(In terms of number of scams that have come out during her party presidency)

Sonia agitates on roads.
Sonia applies for bail in court.
Sonia gives byes to media.
Sonia marches in sun.
Sonia courts arrest.

1975, Delhi…
Indira watches in disgust as Opposition protests in streets, stalls Parliament and refuses to accept PM’s authority.
2016, heaven…
Indira watches in disgust as her bahu protests in streets, stalls Parliament and refuse to accept PM’s authority.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Government end of days musings…

All Congressmen and beat reporters have a Sonia App on their mobile.
The moment she’s Unhappy, the Status flashes on their screen.

What if in 2014?
The light at the end of the tunnel is actually the headlights of the oncoming Third Front Train.

The Congress general elections trilogy…
1977: Doom 1.
1989: Doom 2.
2014: Doom 3.

Filmi Singh is King released in 2008.
No sequel.
Political Singh is King released in 2009.
No sequel.

CongRace1: Nehru.
CongRace2: Indira.
CongRace3: Rajiv.
UPA3 ke baad kuch bhi nahin bachega.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru