How the #2014Modi fight resembled the #2016Trump one…

Outsider Modi fought the BJP-RSS leadership, Congress and its ecosystem, the establishment, mainstream media, intellectuals, liberals, foreign media, NGOs.

Outsider Trump fought the Republican leadership, the Democratic Party and its ecosystem, the establishment, mainstream media, intellectuals, liberals, foreign media, NGOs.

Their opponents…

Sonia had the full support of the ecosystem, the establishment, mainstream media, intellectuals, liberals, foreign media, NGOs and her many scams, scandals and weaknesses were totally hidden by them.

Hillary has the full support of the ecosystem, the establishment, mainstream media, intellectuals, liberals, foreign media, NGOs and her many scams, scandals and weaknesses were totally hidden by them.

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Nehru-Gandhi dynasty musings…

Nehru foreign policy.
Don’t want
1. UNSC seat.
2. N-deal.
3. Official alliances.
4. Help from Israel.
Followers: Wah wah!
(He once sad he didn’t want the army either)
Modi trying for the same.
Haters: Loser!

#‎ChinaExposed‬ has been going on for 54 years, beginning with the 1962 war.
Nehru was blind to it and Indian Communists still love China.

Don’t worry, by 2019, we will get both NSGs.
India in “Nuclear Suppliers Group”.
“No Sonia Gandhi” politics in India.

Congressis and their supporters will celebrate Indira Gandhi’s Emergency Day today by calling Modi a dictator.

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty.
You are either for us or against us.
You are either for us or for Modi.

Rao ruled from 1991-96.
Sonia ruled from 2004-14.
Manmohan was nothing but a programmable robot for both.
You can use a robot for good or bad.

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The Congress continues to sink musings…

Prominent preservation agitations…
1. Save the Tiger.
2. Save the Ganga.
3. Save the Congress.

I don’t feel sorry for Manmohan Singh.
He signed all the documents.
And for 10 years.
Tomorrow a policeman may allow crime to happen and claim innocence by same logic.

If it’s going to take to the streets for every problem it has, then Congress might as well set up camp on the streets of India 24X7 till 2019.

Motilal became Congress President in 1919 and formally founded the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty.
Pappu will become Congress President by 2019 and formally end the Dynasty.

Manmohan: Congress is India’s soul.
Truth: Congress is India’s sole.
Puri tarah se ghis gaya hai. Replacement ki zaroorat hai.

You can’t make this stuff up…
The virtual dictator of the most corrupt party in India is doing a march to save democracy and there’s a poster with Vadra!

While addressing Lok Sabha…
I’d like to address this August House.
While addressing Congress strategy meet…
I’d like to address this Agusta House.

2014: Prevent Modi from coming to power.
2015: Prevent Modi’s achievements from being showcased.
2016: Prevent Supreme Leader from going to jail.
‪#‎Congress‬ ‪#‎Agusta‬ ‪#‎NH‬

Nehru ½ of Mahatma
Indira ⅓ of Nehru
Rajiv ¼ of Indira
Sonia ⅕ of Rajiv
Pappu ⅙ of Sonia
Priyanka 1/7 of Pappu
Vadra ⅛ of Priyanka

Just get Sibal to give a press conference and declare…
Zero loss in all scams!
End of story.

One poster had the Nehru Gandhi Vadra Dynasty.
Is it a march for democracy or march for monarchy?

Right now the party is debating who should be the losing Congress UP Chief Ministerial candidate in 2017.

For Congress leaders…
India = Congress = Dynasty.
So they feel that what they are doing is totally right.

We have a right to rule.
We have a right to be corrupt.
You don’t even have a right to question us.

Sonia-Pappu arrested temporarily so then can get a feel to see what it will feel like when it becomes permanent.

What is your strategy?
Congress: Ulta chor kotwaal ko daate 24X7 365 days a year.

Years as MP before being offered PM’s post…
Nehru: 0.
Indira: 2.
Rajiv: 3.
Sonia: 0.
Pappu most qualified.
He has been MP for 12 years already.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty till 2013…

Sonia Gandhi and the mainstream media…

You may…
…support the scams of One Leader.
But not the schemes of all other leaders.

You may…
…lick the boots of One Leader.
But not tolerate a help tying the bootlaces of any other leader.

You may…
…respect the privacy of One Leader.
But give bad publicity to every other leader over minor private things.

You may…
…tolerate the dictatorship of One Leader.
But call minor democratic deviations of any other leader a dictatorship.

You may…
…celebrate if One Leader decides to do remote control.
But thrash any other leader who even seeks to guide his or her juniors.

You may…
…look the other way when One Leader leaves the country surreptitiously for the umpteenth time.
But pounce on any other leader when he or she steps out of her home.

You may…
…accept the education and experience shortcomings of One Leader and her right to rule the country.
But pounce on any other 12th pass leader who even heads a department.

You may…
Ignore the major scams of one party president.
But go after every allegation of another party president.

You may…
…be petrified of One Leader.
But attack every other leader 24X7.

All leaders are equal.
But One Leader is more equal than others.

© Sunil Rajguru

Sinking Nehru-Gandhi dynasty musings…

Pappugiri: Frivolous part-time politics which has more sound than substance.
Soniagiri: Claiming great power with zero responsibility.
Manmohangiri: Maungiri.

Just one man’s voice heard in Parliament: Pappu.
Congressman: True, unlike our party, where just one woman’s voice is heard.

President for a whopping 16 years and goodness knows for how much longer.
They should just rename it to Congress (Sonia).

The Pappu model…
Give speech.
Go on leave.
Give interview.
Go on leave.
Attend meeting.
Go on leave.
Tear up paper.
Go on leave.
Talk empowerment.
Go on leave.
Shout in Lok Sabha…

© Sunil Rajguru