Mainstream media is dead musings…

Julian Assange takes his revenge on both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
That’s how all the good journalists used to be once upon a time.

All the President’s Men = Journalists go after President’s men.
All the President’s Men = Journalists are the President’s men.

Hillary Dillary sat on the wall,
Hillary Dillary had a great fall,
All the Prez’s spinsters and all the Prez’s men,
Couldn’t put Hillary together again.

Time for a sequel to The Fifth Estate on the 2016 US Presidential elections.

There is only one thing that keeps the mainstream media alive.
Not news.
Not analysis.
Not integrity.
Not right predictions.
Just 3 letters…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

If you still believe the media, then the joke is on you…

They said Trump wasn’t a serious candidate.
He was!

They said Trump would withdraw from the Republican race.
He didn’t!

They said he couldn’t win a Republican nomination.
He got it!

They said the Republican leaders would stop his nomination.
They couldn’t.

They said there was no chance he could even compete against Hillary.
He won!

Elsewhere in the world…

They said Cameron was on his way out.
Miliband left instead!

They said there’s no way Brexit could happen.
Brexit happened with Cameronexit!

They said Netanyahu was a dead duck.
He got a second life!

In India…

They said Modi would lose 2002.
He won!

They said he would lose 2007.
He won!

They said BJP would never make him PM candidate.
They did!

They said he wouldn’t get allies.
They flocked!

They said he would never get 272.
He did!

They said he wouldn’t be able to operate in Lutyens Delhi.
He’s flourishing!

Now they say that Trump will be a disastrous President.
For this reason alone I think Trump will do a decent job.

© Sunil Rajguru

Who is wrong? The media-liberal-intellectual gang or the people of the world?

The President elect of the second largest democracy in the world hates the media-liberal-intellectual gang.

The leader of the largest democracy in the world hates the media-liberal-intellectual gang.

One of the world’s oldest democracies chose #Brexit in the face of doomsday predictions by the media-liberal-intellectual gang.

So who is wrong?

The media-liberal-intellectual gang?

Or the people of the world?

It can’t be both!

© Sunil Rajguru

Random mainstream media musings…

If Arnab joins Bigg Boss, then the first person he will evict is Salman.

Sad fact…
Tens of thousands of murders, rapes, suicides, thefts… per year.
Sadder fact…
Media cherry picks just one to further agenda.

Take any issue.
If 99% support Modi, simply give 99% coverage to the remaining 1%.

Yesterday’s lead—Rs 3,000 crore drugs seized in Udaipur.
Second lead—27 more AAP MLAs get office of profit notice, total 48/67 may be disqualified.
Hence media went with #OROP, even though it’s already been implemented.

Headlines for 2019…
#BlowToModi, he’ll will lose #BiggestTest.
India Model has failed.
Malnutrition skyrockets.
Kejri-Pappu great hopes.

Most encounters…
Punjab under Congress.
Mumbai under Congress.
UP under SP/BSP.
Solution: Focus only on BJP States.

According to sources*.
*Before=Real cultivated insider.
Then=That’s the rumour.
Now=I just made it up!

Narendra Modi’s combined lifetime media coverage (bouquets and brickbats) has crossed that received by Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Indira.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Twitterverse musings…

According to sources*.
* 1960s: Real flesh and blood sources.
2000s: Made up sources to suit the news.
2010s: Twitter.

There should be something called “Reverse Troll” when you troll your troller in grand style.

Write 280 characters.
Tweet the second half.
ReTweet it adding the first 140 characters as comments allowed.
People will read it as a Tweet of 280 characters.

Traditional media.
Traditional politicians.
Traditional economic unions.
All falling like nine pins.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Why the mainstream media is far more dangerous…

The mainstream media all over the world (newspapers, magazines and TV channels) is more manipulative, more vindictive, more driven by profit and monetary considerations, more driven by political alliances and in some cases more factually incorrect than social media (Twitter and Facebook).

An important added fact is that common Facebook and Twitter users have no access to mainstream media. However, the mainstream media has a much greater access to
Facebook and Twitter and can twist it better if it wants to, making it far more dangerous.

When Twitter and Facebook lie, you get to know of it instantaneously.

When mainstream media lies, it may take you decades to figure it out.

When it comes to governments, you may never know.

© Sunil Rajguru