Pappu will be Pappu no matter what

Phata Poster Nikhla Hero.
Phata Kurta Nikhla Pappu.

Modi Kurta.
Phata Kurta.
Former made his own destiny.
Latter got everything on platter and still tore it up.

Pappu tore an expensive kurta with expensive scissors on advice of expensive consultants at expensive rally to prove that he is poor.

Pappu will retire only in 2019 when he gives Modi a second term and totally destroys the Congress by then.

Half-way through Modi’s term…
Pappu still Congress hope.
Kejri still doing nautanki.
Nitish-Lalu tussle, Mulayam-Akhilesh fight, Mamata ruining WB.
#Mission2019 bright.

Charles is his inspiration.
At 68 he’s still a Prince to the Queen.
Pappu is just 46 and a Prince to Queen Sonia.

April 1: Pappu Diwas.
Mother’s Day: Pappu’s favourite diwas.
(The only person on Earth who has faith in him)

Congress loves the minorities so much that it itself has become a political minority.

The CongRace has been lost.
Pappu came last.

Kejri. Nitish. Mamata.
Kahi pe nigaahen (CM ki kursi) kahi pe nishaana (PM ki kursi).
Pappu: Na nigaahen na nishaana, bas ghoomta hua parwana.

Looks like we will be discussing UPA scams even during the 2019 general elections.

1947—Netaji kicked the British out.
1991—Rao kicked the economic Communists out.
2014—Modi kicked the Congress out.
Nehru-Gandhi who?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Another never-ending round of Pappu musings…

Pappu: Has no brain.
Puppet: Can’t use his brain.

Rahul is about
½ of Manmohan’s age
¼ of his grace
1/6 of his experience
1/8 of his intellect
But Manmohan is zero.
So they are both same in the end.

Nehru pushed Indira into politics.
Indira pushed Sanjay/Rahul politics.
Sonia pushing Pappu into politics.

Advisor: We are at an all-time low of 45 Lok Sabha seats. We can’t go any lower!
Pappu: Challenge accepted!

Manmohan Singh’s biography…
The Accidental Prime Minister.
Rahul Gandhi’s biography…
The Accident.

All dynasts got Prime Ministership/Remote Control on platter.
Pappu has been an MP for 12 years and is still struggling.

In 15 years, Indira won party leadership, elections, wars, did Pokhran, made many bold moves…
In last 15 years, #Pappini Priyanka bagged Sidhu.

Modi 2019 strategy: Development + Governance + #SurgicalStrikes + FDI windfall + 500 rallies…
Congress 2019 strategy: Hey! #Pappini Priyanka looks like Indira!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The Pappu conundrum…

Nehru signs accession treaty with Kashmir.
JNU students say Kashmir not integral part of India.
Nehru’s great grandson stands with JNU students saying Kashmir not integral part of India.

Indira breaks Pakistan into two.
JNU students stand with Pakistan.
Indira’s grandson stands with JNU students standing with Pakistan.

Rajiv captures Siachen.
JNU students abuse Siachen heroes.
Rajiv’s son stands with JNU students, not Siachen heroes.

Sonia MP when Parliament is attacked.
JNU students praise Parliament attacker.
Sonia’s son stands with JNU students praising Parliament attackers.

© Sunil Rajgur

This is Pappu. Be like Pappu!

This is Pappu.
Pappu takes long vacation whenever he wants.
Pappu bunks work.
Pappu idles around in the work place.
Pappu keeps losing in cool in public.
Pappu generally enjoys life and doesn’t give a damn to anyone.
Be like Pappu.

This is Kejri.
Kejri sleeps on the road at midnight.
Kejri does dharna.
Kejri does nautanki.
Kejri does u-turns.
Kejri does no work and blames everything on others.
Kejri uses Twitter for trolling.
Like Pappu, Kejri generally enjoys life and doesn’t give a damn to anyone.
Be like Kejri.

This is Sonia.
Sonia strikes fear in the hearts of #AdarshLiberals.
Sonia strikes fear in the hearts of senior editors.
Sonia strikes fear in the hearts of most politicians.
Sonia strikes fear in the hearts of intellectuals.
Sonia strikes fear in the hearts of writers.
Sonia strikes fear in the hearts of most prominent Indians.
Be feared like Sonia.

This is Mamata.
Mamata doesn’t believe rapes are happening.
Mamata doesn’t believe in Malda.
Mamata doesn’t think the porous border is a threat.
Mamata doesn’t think there is any violence happening in her State.
Mamata thinks she is giving brilliant governance.
Be blissfully unaware like Mamata!

This is Lalu.
Lalu allows murder.
Lalu allows kidnapping.
Lalu allows theft.
Lalu allows Jungle Raj.
Lalu allows just about anything.
Be tolerant like Lalu.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Pappu-Kejri musings…

#StartUpPappu? I in 2004.
#StartUpPappu II in 2009.
#StartUpPappu III in 2014.
#StartUpPappu IV in 2019.
#StartUpPappu V in 2024.
#StartUpPappu VI in 2029.
…ad infinitum…ad nauseam…

#StartUpPappu? was started in 2004.
In 2016, it is still starting.

Everyone will get his or her 15 minutes of fame.
But I will get my 15 minutes of fame 15 million times.
—Sri Sri Kejri Baba.

Upgrade mobile. Downgrade State.
Mamata worse than Buddhadeb.
Akhilesh worse than Maya.
Kejri worse than Sheila.
Nitish’s new deputy worse than predecessor.

Rang De Nautanki.
#BlackInk #Drama

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

More on the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

Films of…
Pappu: The Man Who Would be Prime Minister.
Sonia: The Last Queen of Scamland.
Manmohan: On Her Majesty’s (Not So) Secret Service.

Report: Rs 51 lakh spent for maintenance at Sonia’s house.
Question: Has India spent Rs 51 lakh crore for maintenance of the Dynasty so far?

Like Mr India, Sonia Gandhi is a superhero called Mrs India.
She becomes totally invisible when media discusses scams, policy debacles and UPA2 disasters.

Manmohan: I was not in charge.
+ Sonia: I wasn’t the PM.
= Nobody was responsible for the UPA2 debacle.

Congress to all its detractors…
Kyun (Vinod) Rai ka parvat bana rahe ho?
‪#‎ScamsterMMS‬ ‪#‎UPA2‬ ‪#‎Coalgate‬ ‪#‎2G‬ ‪#‎NotJustAnAccountant‬

These versions by Sunil Rajguru