Random Thoughts 6

• I wish Santa Claus would distribute Joy, Hope and Happiness in little packages for a change… the world has no shortage of material gifts.

• The more Connected you are Online, the more Disconnected you are Offline. They talk of a Work-Life Balance. But what is required is an Online-Offline balance.

• The Office Laptop should come with a Statutory Warning: Usage of this device is dangerous for both health and family.

• Recession and Inflation are antonyms. And both are equally bad. No wonder the Common Man gets rammed no matter what state the economy is in.

• Off late, Reality Shows are looking more like Fiction Shows.

© Sunil Rajguru

6 things I wish would spill out from the online to offline world

Restart Button
I’ve made a mess of my life. Just press Restart and start all over gain. This project is a mess. Press Restart and we’ll begin from scratch. What if we could Restart college life, marriage, you name it…

Human Body Version 1.1, 2.0…
A human becomes an adult say at the age of 18 and that’s version 1.0. And hey man it deteriorates after that! The body, the energy levels, everything! It’s like going from Version 1.0 to 0.9 to 0.8… to 0.0 (death). Maybe when we become cyborgs, we will have a Version 1.1 or Version 2.0.

Here’s something I wanted to show you in this book… I can’t find it. Where are my keys? Where’s my mobile charger? Can’t every thing in the house have a tiny tag that beeps when you key in its name to some device? What about offline searches for friends, events, restaurants…

Status Message
I want to have a Facebook style status message hanging over my head all the time like… “I’m angry”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m sleepy”, “Do not disturb”, “Need help”… That would save a lot of explaining. People would come straight to the point.

If not a full restart that will change everything, then at least a simple undo for the last stupid thing I’ve done?

Antivirus and anti-spam
An antivirus and anti-spam against all the people who bug me and bad events that are coming my way.

© Sunil Rajguru