And Communists still walk amongst us…

1848: Communism is Panacea.
1917: Conquers Russia.
1948: Conquers China.
Post World War 2: Conquers East Europe.
1978: China partially junks it.
1991: Collapses in Russia and East Europe.

Anyone believing in Communism in 1848 was an idealist.
Anyone believing in Communism in 1948 was an optimist.
Anyone believing in Communism in 1992 was an idiot.
Anyone believing in Communism in 2016 is totally beyond comprehension of any kind of logic.

It makes more sense to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

© Sunil Rajguru

The truth about the industry of the Left…

CPI-CPM = Left.

AISA-AISF = Left Academy.

Congress = Left Lite.

TMC = Left Ultra.

Media = Left News.

#AdarshLiberal = Left Liberal.

Naxalite = Left Terrorist.

Maoist = Left Terrorist.

Lutyens’ Delhi = Left Delhi.

Intellectual = Left Word.

Secular = Left Religion.

Freedom of Speech = Freedom of Left.

Troll = Opponent of Left.

Jawaharlal Nehru University = Karl Marx University.

Extreme violence by Left = Mr India (Nobody can see it).

© Sunil Rajguru

Communism and JNU musings…

Communism promises 100% and delivers 0%.
Capitalism promises 50% and delivers 25%.

We produce political leaders.
We conduct political rallies.
We shout slogans.
We take on the Right Wing.
We rage.
And studying? What’s that? LOL!

Marx 1848.
Lenin 1917.
Mao 1948.
Basu 1977.
Mamata 2010.
Kejri 2013.
Kanhaiya 2016.
Communism can fool you and fool you and fool you…

Idea of Dynasty.
Idea of Sonia.
Idea of Pappu.
Idea of Communism.
Idea of Naxalism.
Idea of anti-Indianism.
Anything but Idea of India.

Jaitley-Gadkari are ex-ABVP.
1000 times greater chance that ABVP will produce PM than AISF.
So give 1000 times more coverage to Kanhaiya!

The Intolerance Trilogy…
2014: Fellowship of Intolerance. (Post LS polls)
2015: Two Towers of Intolerance. (Delhi & Bihar polls)
2016: Return of Intolerance. (Multi-State polls)

Advani will stop him!
Result: Margdarshak Mandal.
Kejri will stop him!
Result: 4/543.
Hardik will stop him!
Result: Jailed indefinitely.
Kanhaiya will stop him!
Result: Coming soon.

Congress versus CPM.
The ultimate Battle of the Losers.

Chautala took bail for one thing and then started campaigning in polls.
Bail cancelled.
Will same thing now happen to Kanhaiya?

1. Do politics instead of studying.
2. Practise destructive Communism.
3. Organize anti-India event.
4. Get arrested.
Become national hero!!!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Thus spake the Communist…

josef-wissarionowitsch-stalin-161780_640I condemn Hitler who sent 11 million to concentration camps, but love Stalin who killed millions more and simply adore Mao whose actions may have led to the killing of 70 million.

I condemn Capitalism which sometimes keeps about half the population in poverty but recommend Communism which abuses, tortures and impoverishes 99.9% of the population every time.

I condemn democratic Capitalistic leaders with a lot of power but worship Communist despots with absolute power.
When 100% of mainstream media, intellectuals and writers happen to be Communists, I call it neutrality. But I absolutely froth in the mouth when 1% of social media leans Right and call it severe bias.

I ignore a murder committed by a Communist leader and scream from the rooftops if a Right leaning leader has even a baseless allegation hurled at him.

I’m an atheist so I hate the Christian-Judaism-Hindu Right but I curiously approve of the Muslim Right. Don’t ask me why. Nothing I do makes any sense anyway.

© Sunil Rajguru

How they should teach Communism in our school and colleges…

communism-17093_640Communism is an authoritarian ideology which believes that the State is a dictator and all its citizens should be oppressed in perpetuity. It collapsed partially in China in 1978 and totally in the erstwhile USSR (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) in 1991, toppling all the Communist regimes in Europe. Experiments in Cuba and North Korea converted it into a full-fledged one-man dictatorship.

In 2016 there is still a desperate attempt to revive it through a handful of parties and student unions in India. Communism uses subterfuge, violence and aggressive agitations to push forward. It cleverly uses the clothes of utopia to dress a supremely dictatorial body.

It has fooled millions and millions of people and still rears its ugly head from time to time right in the middle of flourishing democracies like Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi in 2013, Alexis Tsipras in Greece in 2015 and Bernie Sanders in America in 2016.

In the nineteenth century, it ruled the mind space of oppressed classes all over the world.

In the twentieth century, it ruled the mind space of governments all over the world.

In the twenty first century, it still rules the mind space of intelligentsia, liberals, seculars, academicians, universities, newspapers, magazines, TV channels and fringe political groups all over the world. These groups still hope and strive for total global domination.

Being atheist in nature, it abhors Right-wing groups from Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, but curiously fully embraces far Right Muslim groups.

It is quite befitting that the founder Karl Marx never worked an honest day in his life and sponged off the kindness of others and Capitalism and was a Grade 1 Fart and Hypocrite.

Communism is like a virus which no matter how many times you eradicate, still comes back as a new strain. Once you get infected, you become totally immune to its million and one contradictions and want to just outrage for 24X7 for all the good and bad things in this world.

Synonyms: Anarchy, authoritarianism, dictatorship, ruin, financial collapse, genocide, hypocrisy, death…

Antonyms: Freedom, democracy, capitalism, happiness, life, prosperity, logic, common sense…

The flag of Communism is held high by the likes of Sonia Gandhi (India), Jeremy Corbyn (England) and Kim Jong-un (North Korea).

Even Nobel Laureates like Amartya Sen who should understand economics better are severely infected with a Communist strain.

It is associated with the colour red because it leads to bloodshed wherever it goes. Hitler wasn’t the biggest mass murderer of the twenty first century, but Communist leaders Stalin and Mao were.

china-1616747_640So it is quite common for worshippers of Mao and Stalin to call anyone they dislike a “Hitler”. Also goes by the name of Naxalism, Maoism and intellectualism in India.

Founded in 1848, it is yet to be eradicated 168 years after and continues with its onward march of destruction.

© Sunil Rajguru