It’s very difficult to capture power in West Bengal…

bridge-167041_960_720We had to have the violent and long-running Naxalism movement that disrupted the State forever, the political uncertainty of 1967-72, which saw many aaya ram gaya ram Chief Ministers and the sheer tyranny of Congress Chief Minister SS Ray (that shut the party out of the State forever) before the CPM could come to power.
Mamata Banerjee found herself as the Chief Opposition after the 1996, 2001 and 2006 Assembly elections (hence her stints at the Centre to bide her time) before she could claim the throne in 2011.
The BJP has just now grabbed the mantle of Chief Opposition of West Bengal in 2021.
The other side of the coin: It’s very difficult to lose power in Bengal too…
From 1947-77, 30 years, the Congress was either the Ruler or Chief Disruptor. It was a tragedy of errors that led to their exit.
The CPM ruled from 1977-2011, a record 34 years.
And even now Mamata has got three straight terms and will see herself as a favourite for 2026 too.

Mamata the Destroyer

Both Obama and Trump treat Hinduism with more respect than Mamata.

Mamata turning West Bengal into West Bangladesh.

Madam, stop this drama!
Mamata: Hey Rong! You’re wrong! It’s dronga!


Sonia ruined India.
Lalu ruined Bihar.
Mamata ruined West Bengal.
Mulayam ruined UP.
Kejri ruining Delhi.
Who cares?

“Advani for Prime Minister” is a persistent offline meme which just refuses to go away.

Didiji wants Dadaji to be Prime Minister because she is having a Prime Meltdown.

Total law and order breakdown in Bihar, UP and WB is not important because they are ruled by Modi Haters.
Citizens can suffer, liberals don’t care.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

West Bengal terror musings…

Empty (pori)bartans make a lot of noise.
‪#‎Mamata‬ ‪#‎WestBengal‬ ‪#‎Burdwan‬

After calling Naxalites Gandhians with Guns, someone will probably shamelessly call the West Bengal terrorists Gandhians with Bombs.

“Terr”ible West Bengal hat-trick…
Congress: Reign of Terror.
CPM: Terrorized all opponents.
Trinamool: Terror houses all over.

Khalistan separatism ended, J&K militancy began.
J&K militancy ended, West Bengal terror factories began.
P.S. Left violence running from 1947-2014.

Progress in West Bengal…
Naxalism promoted to Terrorism.
Left (CPM) promoted to Ultra Left (TMC).
Old fogey (Buddha) replaced by megalomaniac (Mamata).

These versions by Sunil Rajguru