Random Thoughts 28

∙ We are always torn between three lives.
One which we actually lead.
One which we show the world we lead.
One which we really want to lead.

∙ Behind every successful man is a woman who’s complaining that he never listens to her in the first place and probably became a success by fluke.

∙ I think when the plane stops, since everyone is in such a tearing hurry (to God knows where), they should just open the emergency exits and people should simply slide away.

∙ Question to sadhu: Life is so simple and yet we make it complicated. I know this. So why do we always make life so complicated?
Sadhu: Arre bhaiyya, nahin to tumhara is lambi zindagi main time pass kaise hoga?

∙ Spending money is the number one time pass of this generation!

∙ Just as you can’t see dark matter but feel its influence, you can’t see black money but see its influence.

© Sunil Rajguru

Random Thoughts 27

∙ Sometimes I think mankind is a suicide bomber bent on blowing up the Earth.

∙ In the good ole days, most people’s lives used to go nowhere slowly.
Nowadays, most people’s lives go nowhere pretty fast.
That’s progress I guess.

∙ With so little time and so little rest nowadays, the phrase should changed to…
“I need 20 winks of sleep!

∙ Contemporary word meanings…
Baroque: Highly ornate and extravagant in style.
Barack: Highly ornate and extravagant in style of speech.

∙ An Indian rubbed a genie and was granted one wish. Being a true patriot, he asked for all the corrupt people in India to simply vanish.
Suddenly there was absolutely no-one to rule the nation and India quickly slipped into anarchy and became the world’s most failed nation.

© Sunil Rajguru

Living your life with someone else’s idea

arkansas-981813_1280Did you ever notice that most of us live a life borrowed on someone else’s idea and we don’t even realize it? Say as a kid, your father is in a particular profession or you take a fancy to something. You want to be that without realizing what it’s all about. You grow up with that as your sub-conscious.

You adopt that idea and cling on to it for your dear life. After that your whole education and development revolves around that very idea. If your inner self tries to stray away from that path, you brutally stop it. You might think those who pass out of IITs and IIMs are the coolest people around and strive to be like them. Or you decide it’s just money or doing what society thinks is hot or right.

That way most of us succeed in doing what we set out to do without realizing that our inner self never wanted that in the first place. It’s like that small boy in the car ad who knows at what age he’s going to become vice president and what age he’ll be CEO and the car that goes along with it. That’s a pretty sad life. Growing up is all about knowing nothing and discovering who you are, what you want and your place in the world, one bit at a time, one layer at a time.

We usually realize pretty late in life that we are on the wrong path and then think nothing can be done. You’re already climbing up the career ladder. There are bills and EMIs to pay and at this age it’s too much of a risk. Then life becomes drudgery, everything is a routine and only “duty” that has to be done. Desires kept getting suppressed till they reach the bottom of the soul. On your deathbed you say, “If only I had done that…” and you die with unfulfilled wishes. Do those unfulfilled wishes lead to another life which leads to another death with unfulfilled wishes ad infinitum?

What stops you from doing what you really want deep down within right now?

That way America, which many Indians see as morally bankrupt, is really spiritually enriched. There people keep asking themselves what they really want and keep trying newer and newer things all the time. It’s common for people to have changed their careers 5-6 times in their lifetime. It’s common for people to just quit and backpack for 6 months. People do crazy things and become legends. That’s why America is the most successful nation on Earth. A nation that does what it really wants.

When I hear for the umpteenth time “I would do exactly what I wanted to do if I had more money…” I ask a question.

“What would you do with your life if you suddenly inherited Rs 10 crore?”

“Buy a swank house, buy a swank car…”

“That’s fine, all those are material things… what will you do with the way you lead your life?”

Then the answers I get are: Do social service… start a business… travel lots… take a sabbatical… teach… start fresh at the bottom of another career… write a book…

Nothing usually beyond that…

Then I ask them again, “So what stops you from doing that right now? You don’t need Rs 10 crore for any of that!”

That stumps them.

Sometimes I think we are more scared of success and fulfillment rather than failure and nonfulfillment.

© Sunil Rajguru

Random Thoughts 5

· Man was not made in the image of God, but in the image of the Quantum Particle: Unpredictable, schizophrenic and linked together with his fellow men in ways that one cannot even begin to comprehend.

· In a Limited Overs Cricket team, there should be 10 batsmen/fielders and one mathematician. Put a bowling machine with umpteen permutations at the centre and let the mathematician be the bowler. Then with 10 batsmen, we can have regular scores of 500 and everyone can be happy. As it is, all the rules are killing bowlers.

· Life is simple as a child. Then you complicate things by ending up in a college and course that is prestigious rather than one that your heart wants. Your subsequent job choice based on that is a further complication. Then you get married and that’s really complicated. So is parenting. Finally you keep changing jobs and running after material things that make you the Master of Complications. Thereafter Life is a Struggle. But Life is also Quicksand. The more you struggle, the more you sink…

© Sunil Rajguru

Death is always a second away…

heaven-5640540_1280You could be leading an unhealthy lifestyle that is killing you…

You could be the healthiest person on Earth and still get a killing cancer…

You may never get a major illness in your life and make a single mistake that finishes you off…

You may never do anything wrong and someone else’s mistake might kill you…

Maybe a past life’s bad Karma will finally act and kill you right now…

Maybe there’s a strong malevolent force above us that snuffs out life at random…

Maybe Death is actually a reward…

Whatever it is, stop worrying about Death and Start Living…

© Sunil Rajguru